Choice for Real-time Active-Active Architectures

Aerospike provides options for digital presence across geographies, whether on-premises data centers, or the zones represented by the public cloud vendors, or a combination of both. Aerospike supports two distinct active-active deployment models, multi-site clustering (MSC) and cross datacenter replication (XDR) for building a global data hub.

Business processes can be transformed by a superior ability to gather intelligence, make decisions and process large volumes of operational data in real-time. Traditional NoSQL systems have unproven consistency, relational systems don’t have the performance, and mainframes are costly and cannot reach internet scale. Aerospike overcomes these challenges plus can be easily and flexibly deployed across your data architecture.

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Benefits of our NoSQL Data Platform

  • Five-9’s+ of uptime
  • Dynamic Cluster Management
  • Multi-site clustering with strong consistency
  • Global distributed transactions


  • Patented flash-optimized storage layer
  • Supports high data ingestion rates with real-time ML based decisions
  • Scales to petabytes
  • XDR with sub-millisecond reads/writes


  • Solves server sprawl
  • Lowers cost using Flash, PMEM instead of DRAM
  • Can be deployed in any private or public cloud
  • Serves as a global data hub


Key Features

Multi-site Clustering

For global, active-active configurations with strong consistency.

Strong Consistency

No data loss. Commit-to-device support for demanding correctness environments.

Cross Datacenter Replication (XDR)

Global, asynchronous replication between clusters creating global data hubs.

Hybrid Memory Architecture

Store data with traditional in-memory, unique Hybrid-Flash, or All-Flash storage architecture to optimize for performance and scale.


Provides lossless compression of records written to persistent storage.

High Availability & Uptime

High availability and a demonstrated uptime of five 9s or more which is made possible by a unique cluster management and intelligent client technology in addition to local/remote replication.

Smart Client

Automatically distributes both data and traffic to all the nodes in a cluster. Automatic load balancing of the client improves both performance and correctness.

Dynamic Cluster Management

Automatic storage and exchange of node information including changes and status with automated triggers for rebalancing.

Change Notification

Inject change notifications into message queues, or insert them into other databases for reliable and scalable systems.


Easy-to-program data structures such as lists and maps improve performance and allow indexed lookups on field values.

Enterprise Security

Full transport encryption. Support for encrypted storage and in-database transparent data encryption. Authentication, access control, and exception logging.

Deployment Options

Deployment Options with Aerospike

Deployment Options with Aerospike


Aerospike’s patented Hybrid Memory Architecture™ delivers an unbreakable competitive advantage when tested against legacy NoSQL providers.

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