Enterprises using Aerospike are among the most innovative and pioneering companies in their industries.

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AdobeAirtelBanca D'ItaliaNielsen
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Benefits of our NoSQL Data Platform

Unmatched Uptime and Reliability
  • Five-9’s+ of uptime
  • Dynamic Cluster Management
  • Strong consistency


Predictable Performance at Any Scale
  • Patented flash-optimized storage layer
  • Supports high data ingestion rates with real-time ML based decisions
  • Scales to petabytes


Reduces Complexity & TCO
  • Solves server sprawl
  • Lowers cost using Flash, PMEM instead of DRAM
  • Can be deployed anywhere


The Aerospike Advantage

Aerospike enterprises overcome seemingly impossible data bottlenecks to compete and win with a fraction of the infrastructure complexity and cost of legacy NoSQL databases. Aerospike’s patented Hybrid Memory Architecture™ delivers an unbreakable competitive advantage by unlocking the full potential of modern hardware, delivering previously unimaginable value from vast amounts of data at the edge, to the core and in the cloud. Aerospike empowers customers to instantly fight fraud; dramatically increase shopping cart size; deploy global digital payment networks; and deliver instant, one-to-one personalization for millions of customers.

Aerospike Powers Real-time Solutions in these Industries

Payment fraud prevention, Identity resolution, Recommendation engine, Dynamic pricing, Data access layer and Messaging/chat solutions

Fraud prevention, Identity resolution, Intraday/operational trade stores, Algorithmic trading, and Risk modeling & analysis solutions

Real-time billing, Least-cost routing, Subscriber management, Policy management, Authentication & authorization, and Fraud detection

Programmatic buying/real-time bidding, Ad serving & exchange, DMP, DSP and SSP solutions


Fraud Prevention, In-App Advertising, Social Feeds, Personalization, Real-time Event Tracking


Account-based marketing, User attribution, and Audience segmentation


“Aerospike is becoming a key component of our edge computation story, today, which is becoming the backbone of the data storage application and distribution for the entire edge computation for all Adobe infrastructure.”

– Sandeep Nawathe, Senior Director of Engineering, Adobe Cloud Platform, Adobe

Customer Story - Adobe - Sandeep Nawathe


“The ability to replicate data across region is something that Aerospike provides that very (few) other NoSQL databases do with ease. Without Aerospike, we’d be looking for a new NoSQL data store that performs as well as Aerospike does, and I haven’t seen one out there.”

– Henry Snow, VP, Infrastructure, Nielsen Marketing Cloud, Nielsen

Nielsen - Henry Snow

The Trade Desk

“We have one record..that we can then use for other use cases besides just the one that we were working on in Cassandra. I like Aerospike’s concept of their data storage in it gives us a lot of flexibility in how we approach organizing our data, how we approach using our data in different ways.”

– Matt Cochran, Director of Engineering, The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk - Matt Cochran


“Aerospike on a technology basis allows us to do more complex risk calculations in less time. A more thorough risk calculation allows better accuracy for our customers, to avoid friction in their transactions, and ultimately avoid losing money in fraud.”

– Nick Blievers, Senior Director Engineering, ThreatMetrix

Customer Story - Threatmetrix - Matthias Baumhof


“Before Aerospike, we were spending more and more of our time on the care and feeding of Cassandra. With Aerospike, we’ve now cleared the roadmap and we’re just focused on adding new functionality to our platform for our customers.”

– Jason Yanowitz, Vice President of Engineering, Signal

Customer Story - Signal - Jason Yanowitz


“Our first move with Aerospike was to replace our most mission critical database…Once we found Aerospike, things got a lot cheaper. We saved around two thirds of our hardware costs in a single switch…The thing I like most in Aerospike is that it just works.”

– Ido Barkan, Software Architect, AppsFlyer

Customer Story - AppsFlyer - Ido Barkan


“In Aerospike we have, we will have more than 150 hosts divided on multiple clusters, which is about one petabyte net solution.”

– Dotan Gutmacher, Big Data, DevOps & Infrastructure Team Leader, Cybereason

Cybereason - Dotan Gutmacher


“We wanted to build pieces that would allow us to innovate no matter what the market needed. For example, if we needed to do retargeting, we want to build that on top of an infrastructure and not have to reinvent a whole infrastructure to do retargeting, and we were able to do that.”

– John Krystynak, Founder and CTO, AppLovin

AppLovin - John KrystynakInnovation with Aerospike - Rob Russo, Platform Architect, AppLovin

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