Success in the world of digital business is now a major imperative for every enterprise. As new digital opportunities are recognized you have to deliver before your competition and evolve faster to gain and maintain your advantage. Competitive pressure and the demands of the always-on real-time pace of business pressure IT operations and resources to the breaking point.

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Aerospike Cloud Managed Service is now available on the AWS Marketplace as a private offer with unified billing from AWS with all your other products and services.


Faster Time to Value

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service is built on years of experience architecting and managing Aerospike Databases both on-premise and in the cloud. Our standards-based approach allows you to leverage these proven architectures to accelerate your product launch.

Increased Organizational Agility

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service allows you to focus on aligning your organizational resources with your goals, instead of using valuable resources and time to design and maintain your Aerospike deployment.


The Aerospike Database comes with a rich set of enterprise security features such as data Encryption (in motion and at rest), Authentication, Authorization and Auditing. The Aerospike Cloud Managed Service leverages these features to provide security and operational controls to comply with your audit needs.


The Aerospike database can achieve an uptime of five 9s. Aerospike Cloud Managed Service combines this reliability with high-availability design principles and operating controls so you can be assured that there will be no interruptions to your business.

Greater Flexibility in Scaling Your Digital Business

Aerospike Hybrid Memory Architecture™️ with All Flash and Hybrid Flash options, coupled with Dynamic Cluster Management, allows the Aerospike database to scale to petabytes. Aerospike Cloud Managed Service will scale with your business and data growth.

Predictable Control of Resource and Personnel Costs

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service provides workload profiling to identify the correct capacity plan and optimized configuration templates, which can help customers budget appropriately and avoid unforeseen costs.

Aerospike Cloud Managed Services - System Architecture

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service

Features & Capabilities

Efficient Onboarding:

  • Assigned intake team that understands your use-case
  • Shared project plan to coordinate joint activities
  • Standardized security checklist to simplify access to your cloud resources
  • Developer orientation workshop with additional on-demand training through Aerospike Academy
  • Site Reliability Engineer orientation
  • Data Modeling workshops available through Client Services

Always-on Architecture and Design:

  • Data durability is ensured through a multi-zone cluster architecture
  • Workload profiling identifies the correct capacity plan and optimized configuration templates
  • Encryption in transit and at rest protects your data at all times
  • Automated backup and restore plans provide for the continuity of your business

Zero Downtime Operations:

  • Aerospike Cloud Operations Center provides global always-on coverage 24x7x365
  • Automated cloud pipeline provides repeatable and consistent operations
  • Health and performance reports available through dashboards
  • Security and operational controls provide auditable governance
  • Frequent runbook execution model used for control validation
  • Change Requests made at any time through Service Desk
  • Scheduled quarterly reviews
  • Follow on engagements available with Client Services for performance or application architecture tuning

Enterprise Ready Deployment:

  • Encryption at Rest and In Motion
  • Data Compression
  • Strong Consistency
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Data Replication

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