Database Product Matrix

Aerospike is an enterprise-class, NoSQL database solution for real-time operational applications that delivers predictable performance at scale, superior uptime, and high availability at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership compared to first-generation NoSQL and relational databases. You can find comparison of products in the following product matrix.

We currently offer two versions of our database software: the open source Aerospike Community Edition and the Aerospike Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Community Edition, plus many premium features. It also includes access to tested and certified builds, hot patches and 24×7×365 Enterprise Support.

Both the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition include tools and packages to help developers build modern applications with ease. Whether you are migrating from another database or from the Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition, Aerospike will be there to help. Please view our product matrix below to select the product that’s right for your needs:

Aerospike Server License TypeCommercial LicenseAGPL
Aerospike Client License TypeApache v2Apache v2
BinariesTested & VerifiedAvailable
Enterprise Production Support
Hot Patch Availability
Community Support
Cluster Management (max Cluster size, data)256 nodes, unlimited8 nodes, 5 TB
Backup & Restore
Multi-site Clustering 1
Cross Datacenter Replication (XDR)
Strong Consistency 1
Change Notification
Uniform Balance
All Flash 
Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory
Compression 1
Fast Restart
Rapid Rebalance
Rack Awareness
Delay Fill Migrations
Durable Delete
Read Page Cache
TLS Transport Encryption
SecurityACLs, LDAP 1, Encryption at Rest 1, Kerberos 1
Transactions or Queries per Second, maxUnlimitedUnlimited
Namespaces, max 2322
Objects per Namespace per Node, max 20.5 Trillion4 Billion
Cost of Development ServersFree with Commercial LicenseFree
SubscriptionsLicensed by volume of unique data managed and active production clustersFree
Aerospike Connect for Spark 1
Aerospike Connect for Kafka 1
Aerospike Connect for JMS 1
Aerospike Connect for Pulsar 1

1 Available with additional licensing

2 See Known Limitations for more details

Community Edition

Aerospike Community Edition is an enterprise-grade, internet scale database for real-time, mission critical applications and analysis.

Community Edition features include:

  • Queries
  • Geospatial Indexing and Storage
  • User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • Backup & Restart
  • Aerospike Management Console (AMC) for basic monitoring

The Community Edition is free to use and has the following ability to scale:

  • Unlimited Transactions or Queries per Second
  • Up to 2 Namespaces
  • Up to 4 Billion Objects per Namespace per Node

Enterprise Edition

The Aerospike Enterprise Edition comes with access to 24×7×365 production support and Aerospike experts, tested deployment planning, performance health checks, and tune-ups. Aerospike Enterprise Edition customers also receive tested and certified binaries as well as hot patches to ensure non-stop operations. In addition, the Enterprise Edition comes with a series of enterprise-class features such as Cross Datacenter Replication™ (XDR), Fast Restart, Rapid Rebalance, and Security.