Companies with modern applications and legacy data infrastructures require fast data transfer within the enterprise, in addition to the requirement to integrate with their existing systems. Many enterprises are moving from their legacy messaging systems to support Pulsar, which is cloud native messaging and event streaming platform. Aerospike Connect for Pulsar offers an outbound connector to ship change notifications from Aerospike 5.0 via the new XDR protocol to a Pulsar consumer for streaming pipelines for log analysis, Internet-of-Things (IoT), etc..

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How it works

Aerospike Connect for Pulsar (Figure 1) leverages the new XDR protocol in Aerospike 5 for higher performance at scale in enterprise Pulsar-based streaming pipelines. Pulsar provides a data bus that allows applications to subscribe data through named topics. This integration enables Aerospike Database 5 to submit Aerospike change notifications via the Aerospike XDR protocol to Pulsar. Other applications and data stores can subscribe to data from Aerospike Database clusters.

Aerospike Connect for Pulsar diagram

Figure 1. Aerospike Connect for Pulsar

Why Aerospike Connect for Pulsar

Aerospike Connect for Pulsar provides a simple way to move data in and out of Aerospike to other enterprise systems via the Pulsar enterprise messaging system.

Enterprise Wide Connectivity
Enterprise wide connectivity of Aerospike utilizing the Pulsar as a message bus
Integration with Any Endpoint
Ability to integrate Aerospike with Pulsar sinks that are not directly supported by Aerospike
Integral Part of Streaming Pipelines
Make Aerospike a part of your high throughput and low latency streaming pipeline
Lower TCO
Lower TCO by leveraging the cost efficiencies of Aerospike and Pulsar

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