The Telecommunication service provider market is intensely competitive – the lifetime value of a customer is quite high yet the barriers for switching are relatively low. Successful Telco SPs need to prevent churn, provide the best digital experience at the lowest cost while continually innovating their offerings. A robust, real-time, cost-efficient data architecture can be central to all of this.

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Data traffic measurement, real-time traffic routing for network QoS and cellular performance measurement

Churn avoidance, customer support and hyper personalized real-time offers

Real-time correlation and assessment of usage against subscriber plans

Accurate track usage across voice, data, and third-party carriers for Telco service providers, publishers, storefronts, and OTT providers

Enable accurate network handoffs while preventing fraudulent network and account access

Real-time fraud machine learning for mobile payments

Real-Time Decisioning Creates Opportunities for Service Providers

Optimizing routing and quality of service immediately by analyzing network traffic in real-time

Analyzing call data records in real-time to identify fraudulent behavior

Allowing call center reps to flexibly and profitably modify subscriber calling plans immediately

Tailoring marketing campaigns to individual customers using location-based and social networking technologies

Using insights into customer behavior and usage to develop new products and services

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