The Telecom and Communications Services Provider data imperative

There is a massive amount of streaming data coming in from mobile, business usage, 5G, and IoT sensor applications, and in the very near future: AR/VR applications and driverless cars.

The challenge is to manage, leverage, and analyze this data across silos, optimizing new investments in modern infrastructure and applications, and to provide the best customer experience – all at real-time speeds. The Telecom that provides the best experience will retain and grow their customer base and revenues.

How Aerospike helps Telecom and Communication Service Providers overcome their data challenges

Aerospike is a proven, next generation, real-time, NoSQL data platform for the Telecom industry currently underpinning Airtel’s customer 360, Nokia’s real-time billing and intelligent routing, Amdocs’ 5G policy control monitoring and online charging, Viettel’s campaign management, and Jio’s home subscriber system solutions.

The Aerospike NoSQL data platform lives at the Edge with millisecond performance for petabytes of data across thousands of miles (if needed). Aerospike has an industry-low total cost of ownership due in large part to our unique Hybrid Memory Architecture™ that optimizes off-the-shelf flash and the latest in persistent memory. In addition, Aerospike is fully interoperable with existing data infrastructure, able to run in any cloud, with connectors for Spark, Kafka, and JMS amongst others.

As a result, Aerospike can process streaming data from multiple sources, combine with existing system-of-record data for real-time analysis and decisioning. This makes Aerospike perfect for AI/ML based applications, network optimizations, as well as customer, billing, policy, and revenue-generating applications including gaming and advertising.

Benefits already realized with Aerospike in the Telecom industry

  • Reduce data-centric hardware costs by 40-90%
  • Industry-leading millisecond latency responsiveness and performance
  • Experience 99.999% uptime for business applications
  • Rapid-scaling to 10’s to 100’s of millions of subscribers per application
  • Handling 300% application traffic growth with ease
  • Reduction in customer churn through real-time usage analysis
  • Increased cross-sell and up-sell through real-time personalization


Partner with Aerospike to transform your business and infrastructure with our proven technology for these Telecom and Communications Service Provider solutions.

Prevent unauthorized account access for TV, Internet, and mobile usage and services, or cloning of TV and networking devices

Process streaming transactional data and combine with historical data in real-time with AI/ML models to prevent fraud in your network, payment systems, and customer accounts. Avoid false positives while minimizing transactional friction to increase customer satisfaction while avoiding losses.

See how Aerospike has helped PayPal, Barclays and ThreatMetrix (LexisNexis Risk Solutions) improve their fraud prevention and identity resolution systems by overcoming challenges with scalability, cost, complexity and performance:

PayPal Case Study

PayPal Puts Data at the Heart of its Fraud Strategy with Aerospike

Barclays Presentation

Credit Card Fraud – Why the Database Matters

ThreatMetrix Video

Digital Transformation at the World’s Largest Digital Identity Network

Delight each customer intelligently and contextually for a completely personalized customer engagement model across channels to create a segment of one. Identify customer events and patterns as they happen that can otherwise cause customers to be unhappy and leave.

Use big data customer profile data and historical data (CDR, CRM, call center, applications logs, and web click stream) with AI/ML at scale to predict customer needs, behaviors and to provide real time personalized relevant offers. Power all your customer real-time touchpoints (mobile app, IVR, and CSR) with real-time offers at the right time so you can increase revenue and stimulate new customer growth.

Personalize customer experience for rating, discounting, promotions and settlements across networks.

In order to transform to digital, charging and policy management systems need to access subscriber information in real-time. Such as system needs to aggregate data from operational support systems and user portals in order to make any number of decisions on services. In order to have a responsive, flexible system, you’ll need a real-time, reliable data platform.

Today, Aerospike’s technology is embedded with some of the leading providers in this space, including:

Viettel Webinar

Journey to an International-Awarded Online Charging System With Aerospike

Nokia Case Study

Improved Customer Experience through Enhanced Real-Time Billing and Charging Systems

Amdocs OEM Solution

5G Policy Control Monitoring, Online Charging System (PCRF)

Bill on customer usage for mobile and cellular and data, based on real-time plan compliance. Centralize customer data across technology platforms.

Accurate billing across multiple services spanning networks and applications is critical providing the ability for customers to self-serve. The ability to deploy a flexible, high-performance data layer between digital channels and core telecom systems to manage massive customer usage data with best performance is no longer a luxury. Such a high performing data layer support additional core telecom platforms scaling, resulting in improved customer experience.

Nokia Case Study

Improved Customer Experience through Enhanced Real-Time Billing and Charging Systems

Ensure better Quality-of-Service by analyzing network traffic in real-time across SDN, MPLS, SD-WAN and O-RAN.

With the rise of mobile data volume due to modern times, 5G and increased mobile app usage, you’ll need to use Big Data to aggregate data by service group and accurately forecast and align network bandwidth and intelligent routing faster for current and future demand. Identify problems and make decisions that improve quality of service, consistency and customer satisfaction.


Enabling Telco Transformation

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