Utilizing technologies supported by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) standards, Aerospike’s Cloud Foundations eliminates complexities, cost and potential lock-in associated with typical database cloud deployments.

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Accelerated Cloud Deployment

With Aerospike Cloud Foundations, customers use standard tools across multiple cloud environments to accelerate the development, management and automation of their own Aerospike database-as-a-service (DBaaS).


Aerospike Cloud Foundations is built on CNCF standards like Prometheus, Grafana and Kubernetes, which simplifies the deployment, management and monitoring of the Aerospike database across any cloud environment.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Aerospike Cloud Foundations significantly reduces development operations costs, freeing resources for more investment in innovations that drive competitive advantage.

Deployment Flexibility

Aerospike Cloud Foundations gives customers the flexibility to easily deploy and manage Aerospike in any cloud environment. Though Initially optimized for GCP and GKE environments, additional cloud platforms will be supported.

Aerospike Cloud Foundations

Aerospike Cloud Foundations

Features & Capabilities

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and GCP utilizing the following features:

Kubernetes Operator:

Custom Aerospike-specific extensions to the Kubernetes API that encapsulate operations domain knowledge.

Helm Charts:

Enables the deployment of Aerospike clusters in a Kubernetes environment using the Helm package manager.


Integration with this monitoring and alerting solution by way of a custom exporter for Aerospike Enterprise Edition and Alertmanager configs.


Integration with Grafana Labs’ open source visualization platform through custom dashboards for the Aerospike EE Prometheus exporter.

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