To maintain existing revenue streams and create new revenue sources, online gaming and gambling companies are making sizable, ongoing investments in product development and technology infrastructure. These escalating operating and capital expenses are essential to retaining customers, acquiring new customers, and offering new products and features that customers will be willing to pay for.

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Transform your Online Gaming and Gambling products with proven solutions powered by Aerospike

Avoid fraudulent transactions across platforms and during surges in real-time.

Subsidize play-for-free games with in-app advertisements before transforming to pay-to-play.

Rapid customer identification and authentication with their behaviors and preferences, then customize the user experience in a high-performance environment.

Track trends for leaderboards, bets, scores, updates, points and notifications as they happen.

Online Gaming and Gambling Customers rely on Aerospike

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Why Online Gaming and Gambling customers choose Aerospike:

Ability to Scale Out

Store, manage and retrieve massive volumes of player profile information, game performance data, statistics and rankings and session data by millions of users.

Processing Speed and Low Latency

Instant response time for great customer experience to avoid brand damage, customer abandonment, missed bets, lost game state or lost revenue opportunities.

Rapid, Iterative Development

Introduce new revenue-generating games and features. Update machine learning and rules engines for fraud prevention, recommendation engines and regulatory compliance.

High Availability

High Availability

365/24/7 availability regardless of demand spikes or force majeures. Sufficient capacity with failover and redundancy across clusters and data centers to keep the user experience intact.

Cost-effective Hardware Utilization

Distributed database systems running on low-cost, commodity servers while avoiding hardware sprawl and high maintenance for upkeep.

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