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Our community members are as passionate as we are about quality database software.

Join the fast-growing Aerospike community to build relationships with other engineers, share your work and creations, and get feedback and support to help improve your skills.


You’ll find active conversations around Aerospike online. If you’re looking to learn best practices and share ideas with your global peers, here’s where you can get started:

  • Aerospike User Forum: For specific technical questions and answers, connecting with other Aerospike users, and discussing your experience.

The fastest path to success is sharing experiences and lessons learned with others.


Open source projects benefit from community contributions and feedback. You can help contribute to Aerospike in two ways:

  • Via Launchpadwhere we feature community projects and contributions. You will also find example cookbooks and early releases of clients and connectors. Building something great? Let us know, and we will help promote your work.
  • By suggesting features in the Suggested Features section of our user forum.

The Aerospike manual is maintained in a public repository on Github. As with other open source projects, you can submit changes by making a pull request. We encourage you to make improvements, write tutorials, or expand sections.


Our team regularly presents at, attends, and sponsors industry events. Introduce yourself to us and let us know how we can help.


If there’s some other way you’d like to contribute, feel free to contact us! Thank you for your interest in Aerospike.


Have a look at sample code and apps written using various Aerospike Client APIs in conjunction with other open source technologies and learn how to leverage Aerospike’s technology in your own applications.


Aerospike works to bring speed and scale to the multiple platforms that make up today’s polyglot world. Aerospike works with many partners and has a library of connectors to get you started.


Aerospike’s Spark connector allows InputFormat and OutputFormat usage, so you can use Spark’s faster framework for running analytics. Aerospike’s Hadoop connector allows you to pull data directly from Hadoop clusters in order to analyze or check any form of unstructured data.


Ask the Experts Live: Aerospike Technical Overview

Learn about the Aerospike architecture and get all of your questioned answered in this bi-weekly webinar.

Our scaling experts will discuss leading use cases on scaling high performance systems, share tips and best practices, and answer your questions (submitted in advance).