Aerospike Launchpad

Developers in countries all over the world use Aerospike for a large variety of applications across a broad range of industries. In this section, we feature projects and contributions from our community. We also provide access to example cookbooks and early releases of clients and connectors.

You can also find plenty of opportunities to connect with others in the Aerospike community through our forum and face-to-face via our events.

Building something awesome using Aerospike?

We think you are creating history! We would love to learn more about you and your project, so please fill out the form below to tell us about it. We review all contributions periodically and feature the best ones below.



    • aerospike-server.docker

      This Dockerfile for Aerospike includes an image that provides the simplest method to get Aerospike up and running. In order to properly run the container, we recommend you follow the instructions provided.

      DevOps Deploy
    • aerospike-docker

      Andrew Crosio‘s Docker container for Aerospike allows you to easily run a single Aerospike instance with no replication.

      DevOps Deploy
    • docker-aerospike

      Hewlett-Packard-ESS‘s contribution builds on the docker-chef image by installing Aerospike into a Docker container. It assumes Chef and Docker are not mutually exclusive.

      DevOps Deploy Chef
    • docker-services

      lonex created a Docker image that includes Kafka and Aerospike.

      DevOps Deploy Kafka
    • docker-aerospike-amc

      DieterReuter‘s project lets you run the AMC (Aerospike Monitoring Console) inside of Docker.

      DevOps Deploy AMC Monitoring
    • docker-aerospike

      mingfang‘s contribution allows you to runs Aerospike and the AMC (Aerospike Monitoring Console) inside Docker.

      DevOps Deploy AMC Monitoring
    • aerospike-server.boundary

      With the Boundary plugin for Aerospike, you can monitor key database performance statistics and resource use every second. You can get a better understanding of your database performance with a clear view of any bottlenecks.

      DevOps Deploy Monitoring
    • go-beanspike

      Redsift contributes this Beanstalk-inspired job queue backed by Aerospike under Go.

      DevOps Deploy Go Cloud
    • asmalloc (Aerospike Memory Allocation Tracking Tool)

      This tool provides a safe and efficient means to track dynamic memory usage in programs using an implementation of the standard C library malloc(3)/free(3) interface. It’s useful for locating and eliminating memory leaks.

      DevOps Deploy Monitoring malloc
    • jemalloc

      Jason Evans contributes this Aerospike fork of the JEMalloc Memory Allocator. JEMalloc is a general-purpose malloc(3) implementation that emphasizes fragmentation avoidance and scalable concurrency support.

      DevOps Deploy malloc
    • Ganglia-Modules (Ganglia Connector for Aerospike)

      Dave Carroll added Aerospike support to his collection of Ganglia modules. This allows easy monitoring of Aerospike through Ganglia’s system.

      DevOps Deploy Monitoring
    • AerospikeMonitoring (Nagios monitoring examples)

      AppLovin published a number of their Nagios scripts for monitoring Aerospike clusters.

      DevOps Deploy Monitoring
    • aerospike-graphite (Aerospike Graphite Plugin)

      This Aerospike Graphite plugin monitors Aerospike health statistics with Graphite.

      DevOps Deploy Monitor Graphite Tool
    • ASCLI anywhere

      This command-line tool allows management of indexes and UDFs (User-Defined Functions) from Java – and thus, from Windows, MacOS, or any other operating system.

      DevOps Deploy Java
    • aql-java (AQL Anywhere)

      AQL (Aerospike Query Language) is a query utility that allows a SQL-like language. Among its many features, it allows you to register UDFs and dump tables. This platform-independent version of the AQL utility is able to generate source code from AQL statements in Java, C#, and Go.

      DevOps Deploy Java SQL Go C#
    • aerospike-loader

      The Aerospike loader parses a set of .dsv files to import data into the Aerospike NoSQL database.

      DevOps Deploy
    • aeropipe

      msempere contributes this tool, which treats Aerospike Large Lists as unix-like pipelines.

      DevOps Deploy Large Lists

  • Real-time Analytics (Aggregations & Query Example)

    This example uses Java and Aerospike aggregations on data streaming from query outputs to allow you to perform real-time analytics on your big data stored in Aerospike; this is framed within an airline use case identifying late flights.

    Develop Query Aggregations Real-time Analytics
  • aerospike-timeseries

    anandintouch‘s Aerospike time series sample application is used for writing and updating product prices for a day and for a given Product ID, and for searching and reading the product prices for the last ‘n’ number of days.

    Develop time series
  • eclipse-tools (Aerospike Eclipse Toolkit)

    This toolkit makes it easier for Java developers using Eclipse IDE to incorporate Aerospike’s functionality into their applications.

    Develop Java MavenAQL
  • Query with multiple filters

    This example authenticates a username and password stored in Aerospike, with multiple predicate queries using Java or the Aerospike Query Language (AQL).

    Develop Query AQL
  • Deleting Sets and their data

    This utility allows you to delete an entire Set from an Aerospike cluster using Java and the Aerospike Scan (Scan Namespace) API.

    Develop Scan
  • Aerospike as a shared Java Map

    This guide explains how to use Aerospike as a read-only cache that is lazy-loaded and use Time-To-Live (TTL) to expire stale data in basic Java.

    Develop Map
  • url-tracker (URL Tracker)

    This Java application demonstrates the use of Large Data Types (LDTs) for site visit and user data.

    Develop LDTs
  • orderby-example

    This example demonstrates how to order and group the results of a query by using Aerospike’s aggregation functionality.

    Develop Aggregations
  • aerospike-redis

    helipilot50 created an example of how to obtain the semantic equivalent of Redis operations, on simple types, from Aerospike.

  • aerospike-backupindexkey-reader-writer

    anandintouch‘s tool reads the index key from the AS backup file and writes it to a new file.

    Develop Maven
  • aerospike-jdbc-connector

    anandintouch‘s Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Driver for Aerospike provides SQL Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations.

    Develop Maven SQL
  • Spring Boot and Aerospike

    In this guide, helipilot demonstrates how to build a RESTful Web service with Spring Boot and Aerospike, in a simple and easy-to-copy fashion.

    Develop Java
  • AerospikeDBWebApp

    anandintouch‘s repository contains a Spring-based web application used to demonstrate Aerospike’s API calls to insert and retrieve data, exposed as a REST service. It features a landing page with a small panel to run performance/load tests.

    Develop Java
  • spring-session-aerospike

    vlad-aleksandrov‘s project allows you to store session data in Aerospike. It’s inspired by Redis support in “Spring-Session.”

    Develop Java
  • log4aerospike (Log4j Appender)

    This appender allows log4j log messages to be stored in Aerospike. Each log entry has a time-to-live (TTL). Using this feature allows log entries to be deleted automatically after a specified time period.

    Develop Java
  • aerospike-sample-applications (Web Application Example)

    The purpose of this sample application is to show that Aerospike data structures on top of a key-value store are an effective way to write applications with Aerospike as the only database. This example – in Go, C#, and Java – stores and accesses user records, calculates real-time statistics, and allows the use of UDFs for improved performance. To demonstrate this, the sample describes the design and implementation of a Twitter-like application. The code can be used as a foundation in learning how to leverage Aerospike’s technology as well as a “seed” application that you can expand on.

    Develop UDFs Go C# Java
  • url-shortener-nodejs (URL Shortener)

    This URL Shortener was built using Aerospike’s Node.js client and database server. This Node.js application demonstrates shortening, saving and reading a URL.

  • connect-aerospike (Aerospike Connect)

    Yuichi Tanaka created this session store for Node.js’s Express framework.

  • connect-aerospike

    mneil created this simple Express example and Aerospike session store backed by Aerospike’s Node.js client.

    Develop Express
  • stock-exchange (Stock Exchange in Go)

    This project is designed to highlight the features of both Go and Aerospike. It runs a simple stock exchange with multiple brokers who can offer blocks of stock for sale and bid on them. The project provides the building blocks for developers to implement the logic in Go with persistence in Aerospike.

  • aerospike-go-app (Web App in Go That Uses Aerospike as the Database)

    This simple and straightforward web app connects to the Aerospike database, allowing you to enter a name on a webpage, store the name entered, and read/display the name back.

  • gommander

    This Aerospike Go utility lets you manage servers over SSH, just as you would manage a cluster.

  • goaero

    Artem Andreenko created this Go client library for the Aerospike Database using Swig. Please note that it requires a pre-install.

  • godebug

    mailgun contributed this cross-platform debugger for Go. It uses source code generation to instrument your program with debugging calls.

  • aerospike-fml-JSONLoader

    anandintouch‘s stream-based JSON parser/loader tool allows you to load huge files in the database at a faster rate. A sample JSON file is included to load data. The “AerospikeJSONParser” file can be modified to load specific elements/objects as needed.

  • aerospike-store GEM

    Amir Rahimi Farahani created this simple Ruby Gem session store and cache store backed by Aerospike for Rails.

  • Aerospike Lua Client

    This is an example Aerospike client for Lua application servers. We show you how to wrap the Aerospike C client API so it can be called from Lua.

    Develop C
  • queue.lua (Array-Based Queue on Aerospike using Redis Veneer)

    Aaron Dunnington created this array-based queue on Aerospike using Lua. For more context, read his blog post on the topic..

    Develop LDTs Redis
  • udf-trailmix

    citrusraj created this UDF (User-Defined Functions) trailmix, which contains Lua examples.

    Develop UDFs
  • ex_aerospike

    NikolaMandic created a light Elixir database wrapper for Erlang.

  • aerospike-crud-php

    Mcapielo contributed this example of a CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) developed with PHP, Aerospike, and Bootstrap.

    Develop Bootstrap
  • yii2-aerospike

    nserban‘s extension provides Aerospike key-value store support for the Yii2 PHP framework. It includes a Cache and Session storage handler.

    Develop Yii2
  • spikedpandas

    jaidevd created a wrapper around the Aerospike Python client that makes Aerospike sets look like Pandas data frames.

    Develop Panda
  • aerospike

    benjolitz created a Python non-blocking interface to Aerospike C libraries. This CFFI-based driver for the Aerospike 2/3 C client is suitable for CPython and PyPi 2.6/2.7/3.3 interpreters. It can automatically detect and load compatible Aerospike C client libraries.

    Develop PyPi C
  • aerospike-scala

    DanyMariaLee contributed this library for Aerospike in the Scala language.

    Develop Scala
  • aerospiker

    tkrs contributed this simple wrapper to the aerospike-java-client for Scala.

    Develop Java Scala
  • streamsx.dps (Distributed Process Store Toolkit)

    IBMStreams created this toolkit for DPS (Distributed Process Store). It provides a simple way for the SPL, C++ and Java operators belonging to a single or multiple applications to share specific state information via an external key-value store.

    Develop Java
  • Rubic_Cache_Backend_Aerospike (Magento with Aerospike integration)

    Magento‘s open source e-commerce platform provides big data insights and is architected to need a powerful caching layer. This project provides drop-in integration.

    Develop BigData