Get Trained Today

Aerospike currently offers a variety of instructor-led training courses. Students may attend courses either in person via the classroom version, or virtually from the comfort of their own desk via the video-conferenced version; both are instructor-led. Each session includes classroom materials, an online training manual and an official Aerospike Certificate of Completion.

Class Schedule

Aerospike currently offers multiple training sessions per quarter in the following time zones: US, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific).

AS 101 – Aerospike for Developers

This is a full-day course in which students will learn the concepts and APIs that are available for them to use in their application.

AS 102 – Aerospike Administration & Operations

This is a full-day, hands-on course intended for IT operations personnel (e.g., DevOps, Database Administrators) focused on the installation and configuration of an Aerospike cluster.

AS 301 – Data Modeling in Aerospike

This course teaches developers unique and creative ways to model data in Aerospike. It also covers advanced design patterns and limitations in NoSQL data modeling.

AS 201 – Cross Datacenter Replication

This is a full-day instructor-led hands-on course, focuses on how Cross-Datacenter Replication (XDR) works, XDR configuration, monitoring metrics and tuning. This course also discusses XDR security features and XDR Topology to help decide an XDR configuration that best suits your business needs.