Aerospike Community Connectors

These connectors are community driven. These connectors can be used for a wide variety of frameworks.

Spring Data Connector

The Spring Data connector is an open source community project hosted under the Spring umbrella. It provides a data layer to Aerospike that is familiar to Spring developers. Spring Data for Aerospike works in harmony with the full Spring suite including Spring Boot and Spring MVC.

This connector supports the standard Spring Data features:

  • Powerful repository and custom object-mapping abstractions
  • Dynamic query derivation from repository method names
  • Implementation domain base classes providing basic properties
  • Support for transparent auditing (created, last changed)
  • Possibility to integrate custom repository code
  • Easy Spring integration via JavaConfig and custom XML namespaces
  • Advanced integration with Spring MVC controllers

Hadoop Connector

The Hadoop connector shows examples of InputFormat and OutputFormat programming. The integration allows you to pull data directly from Hadoop clusters in order to analyze or check any form of unstructured data.

This basic but powerful tool provides a building block to integrate Aerospike with a huge number of Hadoop projects, such as Hive, Pig, Flume.

Besides connector code itself, Aerospike’s Hadoop GitHub repository includes classic examples like word count and how to sessionize web data.

When you integrate Aerospike’s capabilities at key-value operations into your architecture, you’ll achieve a Hadoop system which is capable of not just streaming analytics, but also computations that require random access. For example, imagine analyzing a customer dataset by a variety of audience segments, skipping easily through a large dataset to operate on only the data you need.

In all integrations with Hadoop, the underlying concept is to be able to enrich the operational data on Aerospike as well as provide the operational data from Aerospike to the Hadoop ecosystem for enterprise wide analytics – and in turn enrich the analytics data set with updates from operational data on Aerospike. In real time applications, Aerospike is also used as a results store, append incremental updates from machine learning algorithms running on enterprise wide data and providing operational data for models feeding real time web applications.

Spark Connector – Contributed by community member Sasha Polev

This Spark connector – derived from the Hadoop connector – also allows InputFormat and OutputFormat use.

While this connector is in its early stage, the project will show you how to load data from Aerospike into Spark.

Play Framework Plug-ins

There are two plug-ins specifically for Play 2.x.

The code can be found on the Play Framework GitHub repository.

The Cache Plugin implements Play’s cache API using Aerospike Database. It supports types including String, Int, Long, Boolean, BLOBs, List, Map and POJOs. The plugin provides option to use one of two Transcoders, Fast Serialization or FasterXML-jackson databind, for handling POJOs and complex datatypes.

The Session Store Plugin provides a SessionStore Interface, and an implementation using Aerospike Database. The Interface provides operations such as put(), get(), exists(), and check-and-set().

ASP.NET Session State Provider

This ASP.NET Session State Provider is used to store ASP.NET application session state in an Aerospike distributed database cluster. This Provider implements the generic SessionStateStoreProviderBase abstract class. Any ASP.NET application can be configured to use this provider.

It can be installed via Nuget or built/installed via its GitHub repository.

Express Session Store

The Express Session Store is a session store implementation for the Express Session middleware and can be used with both the Express or Connect frameworks. It uses the Aerospike database to store and retrieve serialized session information.

This session store can be installed via the aerospike-session-store package on The code is available under the Apache License, Version 2, at the Aerospike Express Session Store repository on GitHub.