High Performance, Enterprise-grade Key-Value Store Database Powering Enterprise Digital Transformation 

Strong Consistency and High Performance

Business processes can be transformed by a superior ability to gather intelligence, make decisions and act in real-time.  Only Aerospike delivers on Enterprise needs where relational databases, mainframes and traditional NoSQL solutions fall short when it comes to extreme speed with consistency. Aerospike 4.0 powers systems of record where correctness is required at internet scale and powers systems of engagement where performance is paramount. Plus, the Aerospike database can serve as the foundation for modern applications – including those based on microservices.


  • Powers enterprise digital transformation by enabling business moments to be acted upon in real-time
  • Easily supports both systems of engagement and systems of record
  • Eliminates complex, costly caching layers commonly used in NoSQL and in-memory solutions
  • Delivers elastic, predictable performance at internet scale via patented Hybrid Memory Architecture
  • Supports high-fidelity uses where data loss is unacceptable
  • Supports strong consistency as validated by Jepsen
  • Combines strong consistency with high performance

Additional Information

Press Release 

Aerospike gains momentum as it announces the General Availability of its 4.0 release 

CTO Blog 

Aerospike accelerates: Strong Consistency with High Performance in Aerospike 4.0

Solution Brief

Aerospike 4.0 – Powering Enterprise Digital Transformation
“To be effective, we need a real-time database that can support billions of daily operations with high consistency, low latency and fantastic throughput. Aerospike is the only technology we’ve found that is capable of meeting our needs in a cost effective and dependable manner.”

– Peter Burke, SVP, Technology, Neustar

“We are extremely delighted to partner with Aerospike to deploy a high performance data layer between our digital channels and core telecom systems to help us manage the massive scale of data with best performance. This layer also acts as a cushion for our core telecom platforms and optimizes the need to scale our core telecom platforms, resulting in an improved customer experience.”

– Harmeen Mehta, Global CIO and Engineering Director, Bharti Airtel

“Working with Aerospike helps us analyze data faster than ever—evaluating billions of data points, across  75 million daily transactions, all in real time. As a result, digital business can quickly and accurately distinguish between genuine users and fraudsters, making a true consumer’s online experience secure and friction-free.”

– Phil Steffora, Chief Security Officer, ThreatMetrix

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Aerospike Database – Transforming Enterprise Systems of Engagement
Database Engine That Unlock Business Moments