Aerospike 4.0


As data grows and transaction requirements increase to internet scale there is a need for a new database platform that delivers strong consistency as well as high performance. Aerospike 4.0 is the platform at the core of a data architecture serving as the foundation for digital transformation.

Transforming Enterprise Systems of Engagement


High Performance

Reliable and predictable high performance for high scale data processing with lowest data center footprint.

Strong Consistency

Consistency without compromising speed at high transaction volumes and extraordinary availability at lowest TCO.

Always On

Core data platform for 24×7 mission-critical business applications to drive customer experience and business operations

Featured Customer Quotes

Working with Aerospike helps us analyze data faster than ever—evaluating billions of data points, across  75 million daily transactions, all in real time. As a result, digital business can quickly and accurately distinguish between genuine users and fraudsters, making a true consumer’s online experience secure and friction-free.

Phil Steffora, Chief Security Officer, ThreatMetrix

We are extremely delighted to partner with Aerospike to deploy a high performance data layer between our digital channels and core telecom systems to help us manage the massive scale of data with best performance. This layer also acts as a cushion for our core telecom platforms and optimizes the need to scale our core telecom platforms, resulting in an improved customer experience.

Harmeen Mehta, Global CIO and Engineering Director, Bharti Airtel

To be effective, we need a real-time database that can support billions of daily operations with high consistency, low latency and fantastic throughput. Aerospike is the only technology we’ve found that is capable of meeting our needs in a cost effective and dependable manner.

Peter Burke, SVP, Technology, Neustar

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High Performance + Strong Consistency + Always On
Aerospike Database Transforms Enterprise Systems of Engagement
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