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Whether it is memcache-mySQL or the Coherence-Oracle RAC combo, DRAM caches that accelerate relational databases and in-memory databases like Oracle TimesTen have been the workhorse of low latency applications in financihttps://www.aerospike.com/blog/memcache-shift-dont-shard/al trading. Aerospike is the first NoSQL database and in-memory database to use flash as an extension to main memory.

The database was designed from the beginning to make the most of storage on both RAM and SSDs. Aerospike started in 2010 and decided in order to get the best performance out of new Flash/SSD technology, it had to create its own file system and bypass the antiquated layers of technology that were designed for use with rotational media. Additionally, in order to properly benchmark drives, Aerospike has open sourced the Aerospike Certification Test (AC) available at Github: available at https://github.com/aerospike/act. This test can be used to find the limits of performance of different SSDs.

Aerospike is the first native flash database founded to take advantage of flash and Aerospike customers are enjoying price/performance ratios that have not been possible before. Flash allows Aerospike to scale up with greater densities per server and scale out to process terabytes of data reliably, with sub-millisecond response times. Aerospike helps customers determine which flash devices fit their requirements.

To remain at the forefront of storage technology, Aerospike not only tests new and soon to be released products, but works with many of the manufacturers on completely new, upcoming technology. While other databases continue to be bogged down with legacy filesystems, Aerospike database continues to make the most of the latest storage technology.

Customers and partners use the open source Aerospike Certification Tool (ACT) for SSDs to assess their options. Aerospike partners work with Aerospike to program and tune their systems for real-time big data applications and publish results of ACT testing. For example, Aerospike was the first database to demo the Fusion-io ioMemory SDK in early 2012.

Recommended SSDs

The Aerospike Certifying Flash Devices page shows the results from the Aerospike Certification Tool (ACT) on some popular SSDs that we have tested and that our customers are using in production with Aerospike Database.

Read test results and learn about Aerospike Partners in Flash:

Everyone talks about scaling out, but a large Aerospike customer doubled capacity and at the same time reduced cluster size from 50 to 8 nodes with SATA drives from Intel. Get the recipe for hot performance with wide fast SATA and ACT results from testing Intel drives.

Aerospike has partnered with most of today’s SSD vendors.


Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, based on revenue. Intel develops advanced integrated digital technology, primarily integrated circuits, for industries such as computing and communications. Integrated circuits are semiconductor chips etched with interconnected electronic switches. Intel also develops computing platforms, which they define as integrated hardware and software computing technologies that are designed to provide an optimized solution. Intel’s goal is to be the preeminent computing solutions company that powers the worldwide digital economy. Read blog on Intel® Optane™ SSDs and Aerospike Database: a New Level of Fast in Operational Stores for Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing


Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, we have established end-to-end capabilities and strengths across the carrier networks, enterprise, consumer, and cloud computing fields. We are committed to creating maximum value for telecom carriers, enterprises and consumers by providing competitive ICT solutions and services. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population.

OCZ Storage Solutions – a Toshiba Group Company is a leading provider of high performance client and enterprise solid-state storage products and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation. Offering a complete spectrum of solid-state drives (SSDs), OCZ Storage Solutions leverages proprietary technology to provide SSDs in a variety of form factors and interfaces to address a wide range of applications. Having internally developed firmware and controllers, virtualization, cache and acceleration software, and endurance extending and data reliability technologies, the Company delivers vertically integrated solutions enabling transformational approaches to how digital data is captured, stored, accessed, analyzed and leveraged by customers.
Micron is a leader in NAND technology, a supplier of NAND chips to flash/SSD manufacturers, and a manufacturer of its own flash/SSD drives. Aerospike partners with leading flash/SSD manufacturers like Micron to test and certify the performance of the flash-optimized Aerospike In-Memory NoSQL database on different SSD and PCIe devices using the Aerospike Certification Tool (ACT) for SSDs. The joint Aerospike-Micron solution enables developers and enterprises building real-time big data-driven applications to select price/performance storage options that meet their requirements and enable them to scale with success. Learn why Micron tested 5x faster than competing drives and deploy 10TB with 14x fewer serversthan DRAM only in-memory architectures. Read Micron’s case study.
Sandisk, previously Fusion-io, is a leading provider of system, application & database acceleration, is unleashing the potential of performance-starved applications, allowing companies to rethink the way they architect their data systems. Sandisk’s flash memory technologies are used by many of the world’s largest data centers, embedded in the most advanced smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and are trusted by consumers around the world. From handheld devices to hyper-scale data centers, SanDisk is expanding the possibilities of storage. Read ACT results from testing Sandisk drives.
Violin Memory is designed to help differentiate your solutions in the rapidly evolving storage market, drive new revenue opportunities, and win more business. Violin Memory and our partners are developing innovative business solutions that accelerate your data center at the intersection of business critical applications, big data / analytics, and virtualization. We are working together to lead the data center transition from legacy disk arrays to flash-based primary storage.
ScaleFlux is the pioneer in providing Computational Storage Subsystem (CSS) solutions at scale. CSS is the foundation for modern, data-driven infrastructure that enables responsive performance, affordable scaling, and agile platforms for compute and storage I/O intensive applications. CSS uniquely integrates algorithmically complex compute engines with terabytes of 3D NAND flash storage and features in-system reprogrammable hardware acceleration that evolves directly with new customer demands. ScaleFlux enhances the value of Aerospike deployments with leading performance in maximizing transactions and minimizing latency. Learn more at www.scaleflux.com.