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Aerospike Summit '19

Aerospike Summit ’19

Location: San Francisco
Date: May 1–2, 2019

Extend your expertise and maximize the value of your investment with Aerospike by attending Aerospike Summit ‘19. Come and interact with your industry peers, Aerospike technical leadership and learn. From business use cases, technical deployment strategies, Aerospike roadmap updates, customer keynotes, to our on-site Training, there will be something for everyone.

Adform (AdTech) and Aerospike (Performance database engine) Meetup in Vilnius

Adform and Aerospike Meetup in Vilnius

Location: Adform Offices (Vilnius), Lithuania
Date: May 17, 2019 (3:00 PM–6:00 PM EEST)

Hear about Adform’s highly successful implementation of Aerospike and their plans for future growth. Aerospike will also be attending to present how Aerospike is being used across industry for real-time applications.

Money 20/20 Europe

Money 20/20 Europe

Location: Amsterdam
Date: June 3–5, 2019

Man vs Machine – How to beat the fraudsters in real-time using modern techniques

Location: United Kingdom
Date: June 11, 2019 (6:00 PM–8:30 PM BST)

Featuring guest speakers who have experience implementing real-time fraud solutions at Barclays, Threatmetrix and others. Hear case studies and use cases of how financial institutions are using modern NoSQL and ML techniques to combat fraud in real-time.

Big Data World Asia

Big Data World Asia

Location: Singapore
Date: Oct. 9 – 10, 2019

Money 20/20 USA

Money 20/20 USA

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA
Date: Oct. 27–30, 2019

NRF, Retail's Big Show

NRF Retail’s Big Show

Location: New York, NY
Date: Jan 12-14, 2020

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