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Aerospike Database Servers offers customers an enterprise-grade, internet scale database for real-time, mission critical applications and analysis.

Enterprise Edition features add Cross Datacenter Replication, Strong Consistency, Compression, All Flash, Rack Awareness, Security, and more. See our Database Product Matrix for a full-feature comparison.

Community Edition features include Queries, Geospatial Indexing and Storage, User-Defined Functions (UDFs), Backup & Restart, Aerospike Management Console (AMC) for basic monitoring.


Find the latest Aerospike Client library for your favorite language. Client libraries includes:

  • Source or binary for the language
  • Examples
  • Benchmark tool


Find the latest Aerospike Enterprise Connectors.

If you don’t already have Aerospike Enterprise Server up and running, download and install it.

For more information on Aerospike’s functionality, visit the feature guides.


Get monitoring, visualization, and alerting for your Aerospike deployments

With Aerospike’s Monitoring Stack, you can extract operational metrics from your Aerospike Server database clusters for visualization and analysis in Prometheus and Grafana monitoring software.


Aerospike Tools is a collection of tools for managing Aerospike servers. The following are the tools included with the package:

  • Backup and Restore
  • Aerospike Info
  • Aerospike Admin
  • Aerospike Query Language
  • Log Latency Tool