John Dillon, CEO

John Dillon


John has more than 30 years of experience building high-growth technology companies, and a passion for empowering developers creating next-gen applications in the cloud. ‘I’m a serial entrepreneur and engineer at heart. I’m fascinated with analyzing business models, solidifying the areas that work and tackling the challenges that slow growth so companies can maximize their full potential.’
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Brian Bulkowski, Founder, CTO & Product

Brian Bulkowski

Founder, CTO & Product

Brian is a networking whiz, innovator and high performance expert. ‘My family has a long and varied history in science and tech, so I wound up shipping code in high school. One of the great things about software is you can build something with it. You don’t need plywood or welding. Computers are an easy way to start creating stuff.’   
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Srini V. Srinivasan, Founder & Chief Development Officer

Srini V. Srinivasan

Founder & Chief Development Officer

When it comes to databases, Srini Srinivasan is one of the recognized pioneers of Silicon Valley. He has two decades of experience developing and operating high scale infrastructures. He also has over a dozen patents in database, web, mobile and distributed systems technologies. ‘I just took to programming early on. There was a professor in college who tossed out a challenge, and I ended up winning it.’   
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