The Aerospike NoSQL Database is a key part of our customer’s real-time infrastructure. Much more than a fast key value store, Aerospike is the “system of engagement” used to lookup and determine how to respond to web and mobile consumer interactions.

Aerospike takes it’s role in our customer’s web-scale business critical infrastructure very seriously. We partner with customers to ensure smooth operations of their business critical systems.

Although Aerospike can run with DRAM only, most Aerospike installations use flash/ SSDs and are deployed bare metal on-premise or in the cloud. In addition, a new breed of speciality big data systems integrators with advanced skills in Hadoop and NoSQL are helping customers scale.

From direct experience, Aerospike knows that each and every component of an Aerospike deployment – from parts to processes to people – has to work closely and work well for success at web-scale. And so, we don’t just partner, we treat partners as customers.

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