“We run Aerospike heavily, peaking at 3 Million reads per second and well over 1 1/2 million writes a second in a very cost effective way. There isn’t any technology we’ve run into that even comes close.”

– Geir Magnusson, CTO

How AppNexus scaled from small start up to a billion dollar company.

“For our real-time trading and dynamic creative engines, Aerospike is unbeatable, providing the lowest possible latency in an easily scalable and manageable system.”

– Jakob Bak, CTO

AdForm scaled from a 32 node to a 3-node cluster, managing 1TB data at 120k TPS and “divorced Cassandra” to meet their goals.

“Aerospike filled a gap for KAYAK that other caching and database technologies could not, enabling multi-key gets in less than 3 milliseconds and deploying with ease and scale with very low jitter.”

– Ko Baryiames, SVP Technology

KAYAK replaced their in-memory cache to achieve predictable high performance and help people travel smarter.

“The Williams-Sonoma, Inc. e-commerce custom platform leverages a variety of open source packages and best-in-class support to deliver a consistent customer experience across our portfolio of brands. We are excited that Aerospike will be leveraging the open source community to further enhance and grow their platform.”

– Sameer Hassan, VP of eCommerce and Marketing

“Full funnel attribution requires you to store, retrieve and analyze terabytes of data in fractions of a second. The amount of data and speed at which we process with Aerospike is phenomenally fast.”

– Jeff Green, CEO

VIDEO: How they scaled to deliver millions of TPS for billions of users.

“With Aerospike, we have achieved optimal flexibility in our advertisement delivery along with the high performance and low latency we need to create a superior gaming experience for our customers.”

– Satoshi Tanaka, developer, GREE

Gree manages over 1,000 campaigns per user with calculations completed within milliseconds.

“We are now the largest online data exchange and respond to requests 2 trillion times a month using Aerospike as a foundation.”

– Alex Hooshmand, Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer & SVP Operations

Check out BlueKai’s simple economics of SSDs versus memory. Find out why BlueKai chose Aerospike over Cassandra.

“The cross-cluster replication was pretty amazing; the response times Aerospike promised were there—even with bigger data loads, and the engineering team was very responsive and smart.”

– Mazdak Rezvani, CTO

VIDEO: How they handle real-time decisions in 50 milliseconds at 500k TPS.

“We looked at other NoSQL databases and ultimately settled on Aerospike because it is an order of magnitude faster and will enable us to reliably scale from over one million active users to over 10 million monthly active users by next December.”

– Michael Comperda, CTO

“We needed low latency queries on large data sets and cross-data center replication to support expansion across our data centers. Aerospike had solutions that fulfilled both of these needs while ensuring reliability and superior speed.”

– Larry Nolan, CTO

Read how they cost-effectively manage billions of ad opportunities per month.

“After we ran all the vendors through our testing suite, it became clear that Aerospike’s performance and throughput were far superior making it an easy decision for us to partner with them.”

– David Peterson, SVP of Technology, Advertising Automation Cloud

“Aerospike allows us to handle business continuity and reliability seamlessly across four data centers. We expanded to new data centers in less than a week. Aerospike gives us the ability to do what we want and when.”

- Elad Efraim, CTO

Read about eXelate’s rapid growth and how they scaled on bare metal, Internap servers.

“We’ve seen Aerospike scale to a few billion key values with no compromise to performance,with response times under 1 ms, which is phenomenal.”

– Patrick DeAngelis, CTO

Learn how they found a high performance, low latency database that fit their needs.

“For us, 100% uptime is the top metric of success, and that’s what we’ve been able to achieve with the Aerospike real-time database.”

– Michael Yudin, CTO

Read their blog on pioneering search results and the case study on how they’ve cost effectively achieved high performance in order to build their business.

“Our business demands real-time, predictable, consistent performance. With Aerospike, there are no surprises, and in our business, that’s a crucial metric.”

– Dag Liodden, Co-Founder & CTO

Read the case study on how they achieve sub-millisecond query responses and Tapad’s blog on high-volume, low latency systems.

“There has been no need for maintenance with Aerospike; it just works out of the box.”

– Amitabh Misra, VP of Engineering

Learn about their five keys to success and how they deliver predictable sub-millisecond performance for dynamic pricing.

“After evaluating a number of databases, Aerospike was the clear choice for its unique use of flash memory and ability to scale simply with smaller, more cost effective clusters.”

– Rob Gatto, SVP of Media and Advertising

Read how Neustar scales simply and cost effectively while delivering high performance.

Conversant, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNVR) is the leader in personalized digital marketing, helping the world’s biggest companies create experiences that deliver greater satisfaction.

“We offer a fully integrated personalization platform, personalized media programs and the world’s largest affiliate marketing network – all fueled by a deep understanding of what motivates people to engage, connect and buy.”

“Aerospike provides the immediate response, user friendly interaction, and quick trouble shooting that we need to support our advertising distribution service.”

– Satoshi Hoyano, President

Read how they achieve response times under 10 milliseconds.

“Each day, Aerospike helps us manage hundreds of millions of user profiles, and it reliably provides sub-millisecond access to random profiles for both reads and updates.”

– Valery Vybornov, Head of R&D

Read how they scale while providing predictable real-time responses

“At Komli, the NoSQL transactional database that is fulfilling these requirements is Aerospike, and we are already seeing a clear return on our investment.”

– Apurva Dalal, VP of Engineering

Read how Komli applies the science of search to display advertising.

“Aerospike helps us to retrieve a larger amount of information in real time with predictable latency. It adds a lot of efficiency to the Vizury ecosystem.”

– Dr. Mansoor Alicherry, head of engineering

Read Vizury’s case study (formerly adfonic).

“When it comes to online advertising – fraud detection, speed and reliability are crucial. With Aerospike, we’ve found a solid database built for tremendous performance and true scaling.”

– Matt Vella, CTO

Read how Forensiq processes 1 trillion bid requests per month.

“Aerospike is such a nice solution that fulfills our essential needs, and we are especially impressed by its ability to handle real-time big data at both blazing speed and great scale.”

– Ning Hu, CTO

Read how MediaV is leading China’s online advertising market. Read Ning Hu’s blog and the case study.

“Aerospike’s performance combined with the ability to reduce the costs of maintenance, support and hardware make it a truly attractive data management solution.”

– Konstantin Kruglov, CTO

Read Konstantin’s blog and case study on how they doubled their ad market while relying on less hardware.

“Go and Aerospike are the perfect match to power our frequency capping feature, and provide scalability for years to come.”

– Martin Karlsch, Co-Founder & CTO

Learn about their scalable frequency capping solution handling 10 times more traffic. Formerly Madvertise, read how their DMP will grow by 3x and Martin’s blog post on how they maximize mobile ad performance.

“Our goal was to be able to put a billion users into place and access any one of their records in, you know, a millisecond or 2 milliseconds – originally, it was 20 milliseconds – but Aerospike came [along] and we can do this today. So that’s one of the Aerospike stories.”

– John Krystynak, Founder and CTO

Read how Applovin Scaled Up to 15 Billion Ad Requests per Day.

“We’re extremely pleased with Aerospike because it lets us focus on what we really need to solve in order to keep growing our business.”

– Yoav Naveh, Co-founder & CEO

Read ConvertMedia’s case study (formerly ContextIn).

“Aerospike is fast, helps us scale and has been simple to maintain. More important, Aerospike is stable and the peace of mind it gives us is priceless.”

– Yuzuru Tanaka, president

Read how they scaled their business without scaling their infrastructure costs.

“Our business requires low latency reads and writes. Aerospike offered us price / performance and cost-effective scaling by running on SSDs.”

– Mohit Saxena, co-founder and VP of Technology

Read how InMobi took the lead as the world’s largest independent mobile ad network and how they achieve performance predictability.

“Even as we’ve pushed the envelope, Aerospike has performed very well for us. We genuinely love this database.”

– Paul Mokbel, Founder & CEO

Read Paul’s blog and case study.

“We have been pleasantly surprised that Aerospike does everything it said it does.”

– Wes Biggs, CTO & Co-founder

Read byyd’s case study (formerly adFonic).

“Aerospike is a key piece of infrastructure in the middle of our ad delivery flow, so its performance and reliability have a dramatic impact on our business.”

– Bill Marcum, VP Engineering

How they power the 3d largest ad platform.

Acxiom, AppLovin, and Brightroll on building real-time big data apps.

“Overwhelming Force” – BrightRoll

Acxiom, AppLovin, and Brightroll on building real-time big data apps.