AppNexus technology powers the most innovative trading solutions and marketplaces for Internet advertising.

“AppNexus operates at massive scale, and Aerospike has given us the price, performance and reliability we need to grow our business. By open sourcing its technology, Aerospike is making exactly the right move to introduce many more developers to its technology and to inspire them to build entirely new classes of high-performance applications.”
- Timothy G Smith, SVP Technical Operations AppNexus

Read Intel’s Case Study on how AppNexus reduced server count while increasing performance, reliability and serviceability, and watch Geir Magnusson, CTO of AppNexus, talk about achieving speed at scale with “2.5 million impressions a second at peak, although we can go much higher, and we see north of 90 Billion impressions per day and this is a 24×7 business with 100% uptime with Aerospike.”


“We are now the largest online data exchange and respond to requests 2 trillion times a month using Aerospike as a foundation.” – Alex Hooshmand, Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer & SVP Operations, BlueKai

BlueKai is the world’s first Data Management Platform (DMP) for marketers. Hear the BlueKai Story.


“Aerospike allows us to handle business continuity and reliability across four data centers seamlessly. And we can now expand our deployment to new data centers in less than a week. Aerospike gives us the ability to do what we want to do when we need to.” - Elad Efraim, eXelate CTO

eXelate provides quality data & insights that enable digital advertisers to make smarter marketing decisions. Read why eXelate chose Aerospike and scaled on bare metal Internap servers.


“For us, 100% uptime is the top metric of success, and that’s what we’ve been able to achieve with the Aerospike real-time database.” – Michael Yudin, CTO, adMarketplace

adMarketplace has the largest search advertising network outside of Google and Yahoo.
Read the blog and case study.


“Full funnel attribution requires you to store, retrieve and analyze terabytes of data in fractions of a second. The amount of data and the speed at which we process it with Aerospike is phenomenally fast.” - Jeff Green, The Trade Desk CEO

The Trade Desk, the first true DSP (Demand Side Platform), was founded by pioneers of the first online advertising exchange, Microsoft AdECN. Listen to The Trade Desk story.


“We’ve seen Aerospike scale to a few billion key values with no compromise to performance,with response times under 1 ms, which is phenomenal.” – Patrick DeAngelis, CTO, [x+1]

[x+1] is a leading provider of cloud-based digital marketing and data management.
Read the case study.

Aerospike Fuels ConvertMedia

“We’re extremely pleased with Aerospike because it lets us focus on what we really need to solve in order to keep growing our business.”– Yoav Naveh, Co-founder & CEO, ConvertMedia

ConvertMedia is a revolutionary display media buying platform.
Read the case study.


“Our business demands real-time, predictable, consistent performance. With Aerospike, there are no surprises, and in our business, that’s a crucial metric.” – Dag Liodden, Co-Founder & CTO Tapad

Tapad Inc.’s groundbreaking technologies address the new and ever-evolving reality of media consumption on smartphones, tablets and home computers.
Read the case study.

Chango and Aerospike - Big data, fast data

“The cross-cluster replication was pretty amazing; the response times Aerospike promised were there—even with bigger data loads, and the engineering team was very responsive and smart.” – Mazdak Rezvani, Chango CTO

Chango provides programmatic marketing solutions for the complex world of real-time digital advertising and big data. Watch Mazdak’s talk.


“There has been no need for maintenance with Aerospike database; it just works out of the box.” – Amitabh Misra, Vice President of Engineering, Snapdeal

Snapdeal is India’s largest online marketplace offering a wide range of products from thousands of national, international and regional brands.  Hear why Snapdeal chose Aerospike and read the case study.


“We have been pleasantly surprised that Aerospike does everything it said it does.” – Wes Biggs, CTO & Co-founder, byyd

byyd processes billions of ad requests each month in order to reach hundreds of millions of mobile users with the right ad at the right time. Read the case study.

Aerospike fuels madvertise

We have been very pleased that the Aerospike database has performed as advertised without any outages, and it clearly will be important for our expansion.” – Martin Karlsch, Co-Founder & CTO madvertise

madvertise is one of the largest and fastest growing companies for mobile advertising in Europe.
Read the case study and blog post.

Aerospike fuels Komli

“At Komli, the NoSQL transactional database that is fulfilling these requirements is Aerospike, and we are already seeing a clear return on our investment.” – Apurva Dalal, Vice President of Engineering, Komli Media

Komli Media is one of the leading digital technology and advertising companies in the Asia-Pacific.
Read the Komli whitepaper.

Aerospike fuels MediaV

“Aerospike is such a nice solution that fulfills our essential needs, and we are especially impressed by its ability to handle real-time big data at both blazing speed and great scale.” – Ning Hu, MediaV CTO

China’s leading provider of performance-based Internet marketing.
Read CTO Ning Hu’s blog and the case study.

Aerospike fuels Tinkoff Digital

“Aerospike’s performance combined with the ability to reduce the costs of maintenance, support and hardware make it a truly attractive data management solution” – Konstantin Kruglov, Tinkoff CTO

Tinkoff Digital is а Russian developer of innovative Internet and mobile advertising technologies. Read CTO Konstantin Kruglov’s blog and the case study.

AcuityAds fueled by Aerospike

“We were looking for a 99.9% rate of sub-millisecond performance and 100% uptime, and Aerospike’s clustered environment has exceeded these goals.” – Tal Hayek, AcuityAds Co-founder & CEO

AcuityAds combine the visceral power of display advertising with the real-time bidding, serving and tracking efficiency. Read Tal’s blog and case study.

So-net powered by Aerospike

“Aerospike provides the immediate response, user friendly interaction, and quick trouble shooting that we need to support our advertising distribution service today, and we are confident it can support our future needs as well.” – Satoshi Hoyano, So-net Media networks President

So-net Media Networks, an arm of So-net Entertainment Corporation offers one of the country’s leading advertising distribution services. Read the case study.

Aerospike fuels Federated-Media Publishing

“Aerospike is a key piece of infrastructure in the middle of our ad delivery flow, so its performance and reliability have a dramatic impact on our business” – Bill Marcum, VP Engineering, Federated Media Publishing

Federated Media Publishing is the industry’s third largest ad network in the entire display advertising ecosystem.
Read the case study.

Aerospike Fuels SiteScout

“Even as we’ve pushed the envelope, Aerospike has performed very well for us. We genuinely love this database.” – Paul Mokbel, Founder & CEO, SiteScout

SiteScout is a self-serve media buying platform. Read the blog and case study.

How eBay uses Aerospike, Hadoop and big data analytics to turn insights into action.


“Overwhelming Force” – A Scale Warriors Story

Watch Acxiom, AppLovin, and Brightroll discuss strategies for building real-time big data driven apps.