What’s New in Aerospike 3.13 and 3.14?

 Aerospike announces our latest releases, Aerospike v3.13 and v3.14, which contain eagerly awaited improvements to the operational usability of Aerospike.Popular for high-performance operational uses at scale, Aerospike has seen ever-increasing adoption thanks to its ability to provide scale and agility while…

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What’s New in Aerospike 3.12?

 Widely adopted in the demanding AdTech space, Aerospike is diversifying its customer base by catering to real-time, mission-critical use cases in other industries, including financial services, e-commerce, telecommunications, and retail. This expansion brings with it a new set of requirements. For instance,…

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Space Launch System Takes Off. 3D Scene.

What Is an Aerospike Anyway?

 Our company has a cool and interesting name so I thought I’d use this post to explain what an aerospike is, and why it’s such a fitting name for our database and company.Rockets, nose cones and enginesIn the aeronautical world,…

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