How did Aerospike do on Cassandra’s own Benchmark?

Cassandra recently ran a benchmark entitled “Benchmarking Top NoSQL Databases”.  As the test did not include Aerospike, we ran Cassandra’s own benchmark ourselves.  The outcome?  Aerospike both dramatically outperformed Cassandra on the benchmarks and came in at about 20% of Cassandra’s cost.

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Cloud Spectator: Benchmarks of Bare-Metal and Virtual Cloud

To quantify the performance differential of running Aerospike’s in-memory NoSQL database on bare-metal and virtual cloud infrastructure, Cloud Spectator conducted throughput speed and latency benchmark tests for three different types of workloads on Internap’s bare-metal servers and AWS EC2 I2…

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Failover Characteristics of Leading NoSQL Databases

As a follow up to the independent YCSB benchmark to the Ultra-High Performance NoSQL Benchmarking Analyzing Durability and Performance Tradeoffs, revealing Aerospike is 10x faster than the competition, Thumbtack Technology further examines the benefits of using a NoSQL database with…

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It’s Official- Aerospike is 10x faster than Cassandra and MongoDB!

In an independent benchmark test of NoSQL databases conducted by Thumbtack Technology, Aerospike wiped out the competition, delivering nearly 10 times the throughput. The Thumbtack benchmark used Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) to simulate a high-throughput environment, typical of many consumer-facing…

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