It’s Official! Aerospike is 10x faster than Cassandra and MongoDB!

In an independent benchmark test of NoSQL databases conducted by Thumbtack TechnologyAerospike wiped out the competition, delivering nearly 10 times the throughput.  The flash drive/SSD optimizations of Aerospike delivered an unprecedented speed advantage over other databases!The Thumbtack benchmark used YCSB to simulate a high-throughput environment, typical of many consumer-facing website applications. As shown in the graph, Aerospike achieved nearly 200,000 transactions per second (TPS) in balanced read-write tests and over 300,000 TPS in read-heavy tests.  (That’s the equivalent of less than 1 millisecond per transaction, on average.) Cassandra and MongoDB delivered less than 30,000 TPS under the same loads and Couchbase failed to complete the test.Thumbtack Technology YCSB Benchmark Results Prove Aerospike 10x Faster
According to the report:
“Aerospike was the dominant performer, showing durable, replicated behavior 5-10 times faster than what the others could achieve. Even when others were set to asynchronous replication, Aerospike retained this huge advantage.”Thumbtack concluded:
“The most striking result was the raw throughput number Aerospike was able to achieve even while committing to disk across multiple nodes. We expected it to shine in this case, but maintaining a speed of 200 thousand operations per second with these strong guarantees put it far ahead of its nearest competitor and at speeds we would not normally associate with ACID semantics.”