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How Microservices is Disrupting Fintech
In this webinar recording, Randy Heffner, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Stephen Murphy, CEO at Genesis Global, explain how microservices improve speed of execution, key emerging practices for doing microservices well, and how microservices are enabling disruption in financial services.
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Fast & Frictionless – The Decision Engine for Seamless Digital Business
In this session, Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Matthias Baumhof, VP Worldwide Engineering at ThreatMetrix®, will discuss how faster, accurate, and real-time customer trust decisions remove friction and delivers superior business outcomes.
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Forrester Study on Hybrid Memory NoSQL Architecture for Mission-Critical, Real-Time Systems of Engagement
In this recorded webinar, Forrester Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna shares recent survey results from IT decision makers to learn about their adoption of an Hybrid Memory Architecture.
Powering Real-Time Systems of Engagement featuring Forrester
In this recorded webinar, you will hear from Forrester Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna, and Aerospike’s CTO and Co-founder, Brian Bulkowski, discussing the challenges companies face in powering real-time digital business applications and Systems of Engagement (SOEs).
Leveraging Aerospike to Power Real-Time Analytics
In this recorded webinar, you’ll hear from Kevin Lyons, Senior Vice President of Data Science and Digital Technology and Brent Keator, Vice President Infrastructure – both from Nielsen Marketing Cloud – and Brian Bulkowski, CTO and Co-Founder at Aerospike as they describe the front-edge architecture and technical choices that have led to Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s success.
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Operational Techniques for Scaling up Real-Time Mission-Critical Infrastructure
In this recorded webinar, you’ll hear how AppNexus scaled its infrastructure without any downtime. Christopher Bowman, Director of Data System Operations at AppNexus, explains the operational techniques used to scale up a core component of the AppNexus infrastructure
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Architectures for Digital Transformation and Next Generation Systems of Engagement
Brian Bulkowski (Co-Founder and CTO at Aerospike) and Noel Yuhanna (Principal Analyst at Forrester) discuss three accelerants of Digital Transformation: effective database architectures, data organization strategies, and application design patterns.
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Leveraging Big Data with Hadoop, NoSQL and RDBMS
When it comes to capturing and analyzing data, IT departments have more choices today than ever. However, in order to pick the right tool for the job, you need to fully understand your requirements as well as your choices. This is certainly true in the world of Big Data.
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NoSQL Databases & Docker Containers: From Development to Deployment
In this talk, we review what Docker is and why it’s important to Developers, Admins and DevOps when they are using a NoSQL Database such as Aerospike, the enterprise-grade NoSQL database.
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The role of NoSQL in the Next Generation of Financial Informatics
CEO of Oktay Technology, Steve Yatko and CTO and co-founder of Aerospike, Brian Bulkowski will cover how financial institutions using a next generation NoSQL operational data store to achieve speed at scale.
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Tectonic Shift: A New Foundation for the Data Driven Business
The Briefing Room with Dr. Robin Bloor and Aerospike Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran database Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor, as he explains the evolution of database, how we got here, and where the market is headed.
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There are 250 Database products, are you running the right one?
Listen in to this informative webinar featuring guest speaker, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Noel Yuhanna and VP of Strategy at Aerospike, Peter Goldmacher, for an overview of the industry, the different types of databases and where NoSQL fits within the enterprise stack.
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Don’t be Frightened by Moving to NoSQL
In this presentation, Peter Milne will take you through a comparison of NoSQL technologies. What are the conceptual differences between NoSQL and RDBMS? Why consider one versus the other for your use case? What data modeling, architectural and practical migration factors you will need to consider?
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How to Get a Game-Changing Performance Advantage with Intel SSDs and Aerospike
Frank Ober of Intel’s Solutions Group reviews how he achieved 1+ million transactions per second on a single dual socket Xeon Server with SSDs using the open source tools of Aerospike for benchmarking.
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Supporting Modern Applications: Data Management for Speed & Scale
Today, more than ever, businesses rely on IT to deliver a competitive edge. They want efficiency, agility and the ability to innovate through better collaboration, visibility and performance. However, as business applications continue to grow more sophisticated, so does the challenge of supporting them.