User Profile Store

User Profile Store

A user profile store is comprised of current, historical, and derived consumer data, combined with behavioral attributes, used to enhance effective consumer engagement

Consumer expectations for banks, telecommunications providers, and retailers are sky high. When a user visits your website, you only have a second to decide how best to engage them. Have they been to your site before? Why are they coming back? Do they want to buy something? Return an item for a refund? File a complaint? Follow up on a previous visit?

In the blink of an eye, you must discover everything possible about a user and apply algorithmic rules to determine, construct, and render a response. This user information resides in a cookie store, which includes Internet access patterns, personal data, shopping habits, credit scores, and demographics. To access this cookie store and feed the decisioning and rendering engines, one inbound transaction may result in hundreds or even thousands of cascading database interactions. Only by examining all possible data can you improve the effectiveness, quality, and relevance of your response. Data volume and the number of data sources are growing exponentially. To support this growth in consumer-driven data, enterprises need more efficient, cost-effective databases that are highly scalable and easily managed.

Database business requirements for a User Profile Store:
Aerospike is a good choice for User Profile Store because it provides