Data Modeling in Aerospike

AS 301 – Data Modeling in Aerospike is a full-day course with hands-on exercises that teaches developers and architects unique and creative ways to model data in Aerospike. It also covers advanced design patterns and limitations in NoSQL data modeling.

Course Modules

This course includes code examples and exercises as noted above. The course modules are as follows:

  • Introduction

  • Migrating from Relational to NoSQL Data Modeling

  • Leveraging Key Aerospike Features

  • Use Cases

  • Advanced Design Patterns


  • Technical background with ability to code in Java or Python
  • Some knowledge of databases

Recommended Background

  • AS 101 & AS 102 courses or prior hand-on experience with Aerospike
  • Familiarity with NoSQL is desirable, though not required (our NoSQL e-book is a good starting point)

Class Schedule for AS 301 – Data Modeling in Aerospike

View our training schedule for a session in your geographical location (classroom version) or time zone (video-conferenced version).