Cross Datacenter Replication

Cross Datacenter Replication (XDR) is a feature available in the Aerospike Enterprise Edition (EE) which allows users to synchronize selected data between two Aerospike clusters. It is typically used for distributing data across regions and/or disaster recovery.

Course outline:

Students will use their own laptop and log into provided AWS instances to setup XDR and monitor the database using the Aerospike Management Console (AMC).

  • XDR Architecture - how XDR works

  • XDR Topology

  • Configure and Deploy XDR

  • Monitor and Tune XDR performance

  • Configure and enable User Access Security features

  • Configure and enable TLS Security


  • Basic Linux admin experience

  • Wifi enabled laptop

  • Ability to ssh into a server instance on AWS

  • PDF viewer

  • AS102 Administration and Operations course or equivalent handson experience with Aerospike.

AS 201 – Cross Datacenter Replication

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