Aerospike for Developers

is a full-day course (at least 50% hands-on) that teaches developers the concepts and APIs available to them for use in their application. The students are expected to be familiar with one of the course programming languages, to bring their own laptop and have the relevant development environment setup.

Course Modules

Instructor-led Training is a full-day course (at least 50% hands-on) with code examples and exercises in Java, C#, Go, Node.js and PHP. The course modules are:

  • Introduction

  • Architecture and Data model

  • Developer setup

  • Key-value operations

  • User-Defined Functions (UDF)

  • Queries

  • Aggregations


  • echnical background with ability to code in Java, C#, Go, PHP or Node.js
  • Some knowledge of databases
  • Helpful: be able to read Lua – for the UDF modules.
  • Desirable: familiarity with NoSQL

AS101 Aerospike for Developers Class Schedule

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