Real-Time Decisioning is Transforming the Digital Payments Landscape

Aerospike’s unique hybrid memory architecture enables transactional analytics software to generate insights from data and make decisions in real-time – to deliver business moments.

What Does Real-Time Decisioning Offer Payment Providers?

Dynamic Fraud Prevention

Aerospike enables real-time multi-factor digital identity authentication, allowing payment providers to act on fraud alerts with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Better Customer Experience  

In the modern payments ecosystem, the best customer experience happens in real-time. Managing loyalty & rewards programs, responses to account inquiries, POS targeting, and more all must happen in milliseconds.

Digital Wallet Integration

The future of the payments industry is the digital wallet, which requires fast and accurate digital identity identification, and two-factor checks for all transactions.

Real-Time Decisioning Creates Opportunities in Digital Payments

  • Real-time processing allows for best-in-class fraud detection, reducing lost cash and improving customer satisfaction
  • Real-time digital identity check reduces number of false fraud positives, improving customer experience
  • Faster and more accurate POS targeting improves customer experience and increases customer loyalty
  • Superior speed and scalability enables easier digital wallet integration to open up new revenue channels
  •  Real-time analytics allow for a hyper-personalized customer experience

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