Real-Time Hyper Targeting at Scale

In both Adtech and Martech, getting to the right target [audience] at the right time [instant] with the right message [content] is essential. See how the Aerospike database helps to drive real-time hyper targeting and audience segmentation in the industry.

Powering Advertising and Marketing Use Cases

Real-Time Decisioning

Aerospike achieves internet-scale levels of transactions in milliseconds. In Adtech, this allows for a best-in-class platform with targeting and optimization algorithms to serve the right ad for every request at scale. In Martech, it allows for efficient conversion of traffic into leads, thereby accelerating audience growth and engagement.

Audience Segmentation

Segmentation is crucial to digital marketer’s success. As marketing evolves to the speed of now, audience segmentation is driven by continuously validating data in real-time across a multitude of decision engines. This helps to drive relevant content and personalized targeting across all forms of media.

Relevancy at Scale

Delivering the right content at the right instant to the right audience is critical in the digital age of advertising and marketing. To survive in the modern adtech/martech space, impressions must reach millions of users simultaneously, attributions must track across many channels and campaigns, and external pools of data must be aggregated at scale.

Featured Case Studies


Learn how one of the world’s largest mobile ad network leverages Aerospike to handle over 125K requests per second, generate over 50 Terabytes of data per day, and engage 759 million consumers, all with minimal operational maintenance.


Read how this global digital marketing platform combined Aerospike’s NoSQL database with Internap’s low-latency cloud platform to meet the massive scalability requirements to process between six and seven billion events per day.


Learn how Zypmedia used Aerospike’s low latency and scalability to manage 10 billion ad calls per day with an SLA of <100ms. These performance advantages allowed the firm to innovate and scale their own offerings, delighting their clients.

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