Exponential Growth Without Sacrificing Platform Speed

Gil Allouche – Founder and CEO,
Prithvi Sathiya – Data Engineer,

Prithvi: What Metadata does is we're a demand generation company and we provide service for our clients where we optimize experiment for quality leads.

Gil: We have a platform that connects to the marketing stack, the modern B to B marketeer. Essentially, instead of the marketing team or the marketing ops team, manually operating all of their stack: their email marketing, their advertising, buying data, UT interact. All of the different technical tasks that a marketing team does today in a manual fashion. Our AI operator is like a virtual employee, essentially does all those tasks automatically and is able to scale it 1000x.

Gil: The three challenges that we had is uptime, reliability, latency, how fast the system responds, and scalability. Can we scale 5x the number of customers that we have.

Gil: With Aerospike, you can do more with less.

Gil: Aerospike is a technology that allowed us to get to 99.99% uptime. Today, we're able to scale to a number of customers beyond where we even are today. Then latency was fixed essentially. Today a customer can use the system and get to be productive within half an hour, an hour.

Prithvi: The main difference we saw in SQL versus Aerospike is that SQL is a traditional database. Even if you index it and shard it, we're getting kind of latencies in the retrieval of the rows whereas Aerospike with the dot-key value document style, we're able to retrieve the rows much, much quicker.

Prithvi: One of the key metrics that we defined was the audiences generated. We noticed over 5x improvement in number of audiences generated.

Prithvi: Traditionally, instead of a human running 20 campaigns at once, Metadata on Aerospike can actually run upwards of thousands of campaigns in a day.

Prithvi: Our future with Aerospike, we're definitely looking more towards it to expand our business. We want to bring in more data sources, expand our storage, more compute nodes. This way, we can generate even more audiences and make our customers happy.