Cazamba Chooses Aerospike to Scale User Profile Store

Aerospike Powers High Growth Brazil-based Media Technology Business

Mountain View, Calif. – March 24, 2015 – Today, Aerospike announced that Cazamba, a São Paulo, Brazil-based media technology company, has chosen the Aerospike to scale its user profile store and drive international expansion of its digital advertising platform. A powerful next-generation NoSQL database, Aerospike simplifies scaling and makes it easy for Cazamba to manage increasing data volumes and rapidly grow its business.

“We chose Aerospike because it is fast, was built for flash/SSD and scales reliably. The shift to Aerospike was seamless, deployment was easy and Aerospike has already allowed us to develop new features and upgrades to our applications while minimizing the monitoring and maintenance overhead on our clusters,” said Victor Canô, CTO, Cazamba. “We can scale our Aerospike clusters in literally minutes, and having the ability to store large volumes of data with in-memory database performance is huge. We didn’t expect something like that.”

With a network of websites and blogs that already add up to more than 200 Million page views per month, a customer base that includes marquee telco, automotive and retail brands and plans to expand internationally, Cazamba replaced an in-memory data store with two small but powerful Aerospike clusters deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“Aerospike is the database of choice in Real-Time Bidding (RTB), where milliseconds matter. As the digital advertising market explodes in Latin America, a new generation of media technology companies are taking advantage of the disruptive price/performance of our next-gen NoSQL database to accelerate their businesses,” said Monica Pal, CMO, Aerospike. “We are excited that Cazamba has chosen Aerospike to power their digital advertising platform and we’re proud to be part of the company’s success as it further expands into international markets.”

Aerospike’s highly parallelized architecture with multi-threaded, multi-core, auto-clustering, auto-sharding and auto-rebalancing capabilities makes it possible for developers to focus on building real-time big data driven applications that drive revenue and frees them from having to handle the costs and complexities of scaling. In fact, 13 of the top 26 ad platforms have scaled their business using Aerospike.

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About Cazamba

Cazamba is an advertising technology company with a network of sites and blogs generating more than 300 million monthly page views reaching over 40 million people in Brazil. Its mission is to revolutionize online marketing through technology and innovation, delivering high impact ads for segmented audiences to help brands communicate directly to their clients. Cazamba is constantly innovating, developing new flexible and customized advertising formats using the most recent technology for market segmentation and real-time performance optimization. Brands innovating with Cazamba include Sony, McDonald’s, Land Rover, Mini and Fiat. See more at