Aerospike 4.5 is the first open database to support the Intel Optane DC persistent memory. It supports high-volume, real-time transactions and analytics operating on petabyte-scale data sets with mission critical reliability. Aerospike has been working with Intel for years to take advantage of this ground-breaking technology.

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Aerospike 4.5 with Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory

Benefits of Aerospike with Intel Persistent Memory

Aerospike’s tiered internal architecture has been optimized to use persistent memory natively, giving capabilities far beyond the implementation of an in-memory database and simply inserting persistent memory. The Aerospike database achieves the following advantages by utilizing the Intel Optane DC persistent memory.


Performance and Scalability

  • DRAM-like performance with much higher capacity
  • Data Persistence when system is powered down
  • Lower and predictable latency than NAND Flash

Index Optimization

  • Allow “RAM index” at a fraction of the cost
  • Data in NAND for up to 10x scale improvement

Data Storage

  • Greater predictability
  • Significantly higher density than DRAM only

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