Next-Gen NoSQL

Aerospike is a next-gen NoSQL database built from scratch in ‘C’ to scale out on commodity hardware. The database of choice for Ad-tech and omni-channel Marketing platforms, Aerospike is commonly used as a cookie store or user profile store to personalize consumer experiences across the Internet. Aerospike is:
  • An operational NoSQL database with simple real-time analytics capabilities built in.
  • A fast key value store with support for complex objects, user defined functions and distributed queries.
  • The first in-memory NoSQL database optimized for flash (indexes in DRAM and data in DRAM or natively stored on flash devices) with dramatic price/performance benefits.
  • A distributed database with a shared-nothing, clustered architecture and single row ACID properties. Aerospike ensures high availability, replicating data synchronously within clusters and asynchronously across data centers.
  • The system of engagement for personalized and revenue critical user interactions, Aerospike was architected to scale with zero touch and zero downtime operations.
For the Age of Context Computing

Built for Context Computing

Aerospike was built for the Age of Context Computing: Big Data piling up from clicks, swipes, searches and shares, leaving a trail of Big Context. With Apple and Amazon setting the standard for personalized experiences, consumers expect instant and intuitive services no matter what device or channel they use and in a world of low margins and lower switching costs, enterprises must deliver on these expectations – sense and analyze current context from web, mobile, offline and online channels and with Aerospike, use immediate insights to respond with just the right offer, right now.

Pioneered by Online Advertising

With hundreds of millions of people using multiple browsers on multiple devices, Aerospike is used to process billions of objects (session IDs, device IDs, cookies…) and terabytes of data (clickstreams, twitter streams..) with hundreds of database read and write transactions per second (TPS) and sub-millisecond response times. Pioneered by Online Advertising In production around the world in Real-time bidding platforms (RTB), Demand side platforms (DSP), Sell-side platforms (SSP) and Data management platforms (DMP), Aerospike is used to personalize the customer experience across display, search, mobile, gaming, video and social media channels.

Architected for the Omni-Channel Enterprise

Its an Omni-Channel WorldAerospike is also the real-time context store for e-commerce sites and omni-channel applications in retail, banking, and telecomm, including real-time recommendation engines, one time only personalized coupons, dynamic pricing, and fraud prevention systems. Developers choose Aerospike for managing data at speed at scale with uncompromising reliability:
  • Predictable low latency with 99.5% of reads and writes processed within 1 millisecond – Watch the demo.
  • High throughput loads from 20k to 2Million TPS and more – 10x faster according to this YCSB benchmark report.
  • Billions of objects and 1 – 100TB of data – the new normal in context computing. See who uses Aerospike.
  • Zero touch and zero downtime operations with dramatically better TCO, enabling business models that were not viable before. Zero touch means manual interventions only for hardware changes. Read the Architecture paper and calculate your savings.
Learn more on how to get started, and try the Aerospike FREE Community Edition or the Enterprise Edition  with premium support.