Intel Reaches 1 Million TPS on 6.4TB Flash using 1 Aerospike Server

Intel and Aerospike

For years there were only two real options for storage on a database:

  • RAM, which was fast, but allowed very limited storage
  • Disk, which allowed for alot of storage, but was limited in speed. While RAM could be used as a cache, this does not work in many of today’s use cases

Then along came Aerospike and the game changed. With Aerospike and its specific optimizations for SSDs, users could attain much higher levels of storage than possible with RAM, but still have high levels of performance. Still, many questioned whether the performance would be high enough.

For the first time, Intel has achieved the stunning milestone of 1 M TPS with SSDs on a single Aerospike server. This was achieved using 4 Intel P3700 SSDs, each with 1.6 TB capacity. The cost per GB is a fraction of the cost of RAM, while still having very high performance.

Now you can have your storage and performance too! Read the latest Intel post on scaling to 1 M TPS and 6.4 TB with Aerospike on a single server – or better still, visit Intel and Aerospike at booth 925 during Strata Hadoop 2015.

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