Digital Payments Fraud: How Real-time Decisioning is Transforming Fraud Management

Payment FraudFraud management is a growing concern among digital payment providers. The growing adoption of mobile payments, combined with a rapid uptake in e-commerce “Card Not Present” (CNP) transactions and the emergence of non-banking payment service providers (FinTech) are among the many factors causing turbulence and disintermediation in discrete parts of banking and the payments landscape.

Such digital payments can be executed anywhere, anytime, from any device. Though naturally appealing to all players, it is accompanied by additional uncertainty, notably fraud and risk.

Read Digital Payments Fraud: How Real-time Decisioning is Transforming Fraud Management to learn:

  • What are the forces of change that drive fraudulent behavior?
  • What are the types of fraud and what is the signature of fraud prevention?
  • What is the fraud prevention continuum and how to manage tomorrow’s fraud through systems of engagement?
  • What are the limitations of conventional fraud systems?
  • How does Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) serve as a framework for future payment fraud management architecture?