Maximize the Value of Your Operational Data

Modernize and Transform Your Enterprise via Real-time Transaction and Analysis Processing

It might sound too good to be true: a database system that processes large volumes of operational data in real time while delivering exceptional runtime performance, high availability, and cost efficiency while still keeping your data safe. What if early adopters in banking, telecommunications, and other industries are already harnessing such a database for achieving results that are transforming their businesses in myriad ways? What if published benchmarks demonstrate sub-millisecond response times for high throughput read/write workloads over high data volumes with substantial cost savings compared with traditional alternatives?

It’s easy to be skeptical when confronted with such information.

This paper introduces key technologies that Aerospike clients are using to modernize their data management infrastructures and realize such impressive (and seemingly impossible) results as:

  • Rapid read/write speeds without extensive tuning or a separate data cache
  • Substantially smaller footprints than popular alternatives, often leading to 3-year total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of $3-5 million per application
  • 24×7 availability, including cross-datacenter replication
  • Operational ease during scale-out and maintenance
  • Interoperation with popular software offerings, including Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka