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Gaming Industry Could Provide Guidance for Industrial Internet of Things ‘IoT’ Interoperability

Gaming industry could provide guidance for Industrial IoT interoperabilityThe gaming industry is a major revenue generator, and unlike many other industries, its technical challenges are often played out in public. The speed with which a gaming trend takes hold and then impacts long-standing ways of working must be followed to recognize similar challenges in other industries. The evolution to a more integrated OT and IT world through Industrial IoT sets up the same sort of ecosystem changes that the incumbent game platform companies face. There is no option other than to be open and to partner because customers do not want vendor lock-in. This also makes for a much more vibrant and faster-evolving industry because the race is now to attract customers and keep them interested. Many previously packaged elements are becoming services, and providing a service represents a constant pressure on a company, not simply a yearly upgrade. It will be a difficult transition, as with all disruption.