Debunking the Free Open Source Myth

How Signal Replaced Open Source Cassandra with Aerospike® for Superior TCO and Operations

Debunking the Free Open Source Myth - Signal Case StudySignal, a leading SaaS provider of data onboarding and real-time identity resolution, was looking to replace its existing Cassandra data store, which was becoming increasingly expensive, unreliable, and nonperforming – affecting its bottom line.

This case study covers the challenges Signal was having with Cassandra for its Customer Identity Platform solution. Their issues were becoming more profound with attempting to scaling across hundreds of servers while managing 25% annual data growth.

Here how Aerospike was able to solve these issues across multiple data centers, while providing the additional benefits:

  • TCO reduction of 68% over three years
  • Server count reduced from 450 to 60
  • Performance improved 100x at the 99th percentile
  • Business processes executing in 1/10th the time – or better
  • Time freed up to focus on more strategic, forward-looking projects