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Bangalore-India, Mountain View-CA
Posted 2 months ago

As an Aerospike Senior Distributed Systems Engineer, you will be responsible for all aspects of server product development, including understanding requirements from customers, designing and implementing key features, fixing bugs, ensuring quality by stringent testing and supporting the launch of the product in mission-critical deployments.


  • Managing all aspects of server product development including:
    • Understanding requirements from customers.
    • Designing and implementing key features, fixing bugs, and ensuring quality with stringent testing.
    • Supporting the launch of the product in mission critical deployments.
  • Handling these fine details:
    • OLTP NoSQL database, in particular for high performance, low latency applications like real-time advertising.
    • Large scale distributed database architectures.
    • World-class distributed system technology including clustered system, distributed database, distributed computing, distributed storage, etc.
    • Designing and implementing techniques for new kinds of storage hardware such as SSDs.
  • In-memory and storage based indexing techniques.
    • Database access methods including related tools chain.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Used to dreaming in C
  • An enthusiastic, self-motivated, independent problem solver who knows when to execute and when to ask for help – but more importantly – who thrives in finding efficient, creative solutions to complex problems in fast-paced environments.
  • Successful in shipping and deploying products in large-scale environments with 3+ years of core industry software experience.
  • Savvy with core computer science concepts such as threading, concurrency, and operation systems.
  • Proficient at programming in C, and highly versant in at least one or more: Java, C#, Python, PHP, or equivalent.
  • Thrilled to get deeper into database theory, ACID model, distributed clustering systems, and high performance.

If you are interested in this position, please email us to apply for this job and include a cover letter and resume.

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