Senior Client Services Manager

Posted 1 year ago

We are looking for a Senior Client Services Manager to join us as a part of Client Services Team supporting consulting engagements, project implementation, project management of solution offerings as well as post sale support for applications and professional services to our customers.


  • Manage customer deployments. Responsible for full-life cycle deployment of Aerospike for customers, making customers successful with Aerospike adoption
  • Responsible for managing customers in post-sale life cycle
  • Develop and manage small to mid sized teams
  • The incumbent will be responsible for integrating our product with other software and hardware systems at our customer’s environments. The incumbent will be required to work closely with our customers on onsite projects
  • The incumbent is expected to take over the migration of a specific customer engagement as the Lead and ensure successful migration. This involves integrating data from our customer’s vendors systems and assist our customers with the implementation and successful integration of their data with our product.
  • Analyze the situation, understand, set and manage the expectations from the customer and the business to get things right.
  • Provide ground level assessment and recommendations on processes with respect to process re-engineering and transitioning feasibility.
  • Develop robust project plan, clearly specifying various tasks, checkpoints,planned/actual start and closure date, responsibility and completion status.
  • Understands customer risk, tune up the transition model/ solution accordingly
  • Set and manage expectations with both Internal and customer stakeholders to ensure Zero surprises
  • Assess potential delay in the project tasks/ deliverables, work with the respective stakeholders to ensure the delay is averted
  • Interact with all internal and client departments in project planning, align everyone to buy-in the project vision and work towards the common goal
  • Take ownership and follow-up with task owners on time to ensure timely and effective completion
  • Responsible for coordination of infrastructure implementation/integration.
  • Execute transition of processes with end to end accountability.


  • Customer Management Skills : Create and manage detailed project plan. Ability to independently manage the end-to-end transition project successfully within the allocated timelines.
  • Communication skills : Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required.Ability to engage with customers as well as internal stakeholders and convince them about the solution, negotiate timelines and standards of deliverables.
  • Technical Skills :
    1. Real-time applications & messaging systems
    2. Digital Transformation & Digital Architectures
    3. Languages : Proficient in one of Java, C++, Python
    4. Integration / Middleware knowledge / expertise
    5. Database Fundamentals
    6. Full life-cycle deployment of real-time systems / mission critical applications for mid to large enterprises
  • Problem Solving and Decision making Skills : G ood analytical skills to proactively identify problems that can impact the deliverables and ability to come up with optimum solutions for the identified problems or refer it to the respective stakeholder and ensure that the problems are resolved in timely manner.

Key Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Deployment consultant with 10+ years of relevant experience. Should have successfully delivered large scale integration and enterprise transformation solution in at least one ofthe domains Telecom, Financial, Banking etc.
  • Should have carried out at least 2-3 full life-cycle deployments of real-time systems and applications. Have worked with large enterprise deployments.
  • Have grown up technical chain of command
  • Extensive Customer Facing and Customer Management Experience
  • Must be hands-on architect, customer facing and able to work with CxOs, IT Executive Management with ease
  • Must have experience with complete Customer Life Cycle deployments of Real-Time systems
  • Programming and/or scripting experience. Highly versant in two or more programming languages/ecosystems
  • Success in developing and deploying applications for large-scale, high performance, SLA-driven environments.
  • Deep understanding of concurrency, data structures, distributed systems, and operating systems.
  • B.S. in Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Knowledge in data center and cloud deployments.

If you are interested in this position, please email us to apply for this job a resume and a coverletter explaining your background, along with a description in your words of what our product is and what type of things it would be used for.