High Performance NoSQL

High Performance NoSQL

Aerospike is known for being the fastest NoSQL solution in the marketplace, but that represents just one part of the actual performance benefits. Not only can Aerospike handle 1 Million TPS per second on a single node, it can horizontally scale.

With Aerospike you can take advantage its multi-threaded, multi-core, high performance NoSQL solution. This means that you can run several high throughput operations in parallel with 99% response times that are less than one millisecond. You can expect the same predictable performance running in-memory or with the DRAM/SSD Hybrid Solution. With the DRAM/SSD configuration you would place your memory in data blocks on the SSD and all your indexes would live in RAM.

Aerospike’s speed is not accompanied by higher hardware cost. With demonstrated million transactions per second (TPS) per server performance, you can cut hardware costs or build larger scale applications.

Look Ma, no DRAM! In this technical blog post, Intel demonstrates how you can reach 1 million transactions per second using Intel’s P3700 SSDs on one Aerospike node. By trading DRAM out for non-volatile memory (NVM) used with Aerospike, you can store much more at a fraction of the price. Read more.

Intel’s benchmark shows how Aerospike reaches 2.5 million transactions per second using one server based Intel’s Xeon processor E5-2600. Aerospike is the best choice for NoSQL applications that require scale readiness.

GOOGLE Cloud Platform

This Google Compute Engine (GCE) benchmark shows how Aerospike hits one million writes per second with 6x fewer nodes than Cassandra. This report also shows how Aerospike achieves RAM-like write performance and 15x storage cost advantage with local SSDs on Google Compute engine.

Aerospike vs Redis
Big data and cloud architect, Lynn Langit, provides technical details on two benchmarks comparing Aerospike and Redis on Amazon Web Services EC2. The first benchmark tested in-memory performance of both databases on a single node with no persistence. The second tested persistence on EBS SSD (gp2) storage on a single node. The results show how Aerospike outperforms Redis on AWS with persistence and without application level sharding.

KAYAK uses Aerospike NoSQL

Aerospike customer satisfaction speaks for itself. KAYAK, a top ten travel search engine, uses Aerospike to support global expansion and growth with smaller, simpler to operate clusters.

Aerospike filled a gap for KAYAK that other caching and database technologies couldn’t deliver on…Aerospike enabled us to achieve multi-key gets in less than 3 milliseconds, deploy with ease and scale with very low jitter.””

– Ko Baryiames, KAYAK, SVP Technology


Tapad uses Aerospike
A lot of NoSQL database vendors promise to rebalance, but I have never seen another system that could do it without hitches, the way Aerospike does. Bottom line, the fault tolerance and automatic rebalancing with Aerospike are amazing.”

– Dag Liodden, Tapad, co-founder and CEO

CASE STUDY: Sub-millisecond Query Responses