Aerospike works to bring speed and scale to the multiple platforms that make up today’s polyglot world. Whether you’re doing lambda architecture programming with Scala, using persistent Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs) with Spark, or need a next-generation data layer for a project slated with Go, Aerospike works with many partners and has lots of connectors to get you started.

Language Platforms

Nuget HHVM Nginx Maven NPM

Client Languages

C API C# php Go NodeJS Java Ruby Python Scala Perl Lua Libevent erlang


Nagios LinuxRedHat UbuntuDebianGitHubVMware_mac_WinVirtualbox_Mac_WinVagrant_win_macDocker_win_mac

System Integrators

Cleaverleaf Thumbtack_technologies ThinkBig_Analytics


Cloud Providers

AmazonWS Google Cloud Compute Window Azure Internap Rackspace Softlayer Leaseweb InetU

Scalability Partners


Data Framework

Spark Storm Hadoop Hortonworks Cloudera Kafka DataTorrent Crestpointe

Storage Network

Intel Micron HGST Huawei Violin Sandisk OCZ

Download the Aerospike Server using your preferred environment and Aerospike Client in your choice of programming language.

Happy coding!