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Download and install Aerospike's open source community edition on your Mac or Windows machine with Vagrant or VirtualBox, Linux machines with Debian and Red Hat packages, Cloud providers, or compile the source.

Client APIs are supported with idiomatic interfaces for easy integration with your application, and easily monitor your Aerospike cluster with web-based Aerospike Management Console (AMC) or command line tools.

Want Premium Features? Aerospike Enterprise Edition has all the features of the Community Edition, plus enterprise-class features such as Cross Datacenter Replication™ (XDR), Fast Restart, Rapid Rebalance, and Security. It also includes access to tested and certified builds, hot patches and 24×7×365 Enterprise Support. Limited time subscription for Enterprise Edition is also available via Quick Start offering.

Node.js Client Library 3.1.1

Release Date: January 9 2018

Node.js Client Library is a database client library that enables you to build applications in Node.js that store and retrieve data from an Aerospike cluster.

Please refer to the client manual for details on using Node.js Client Library.

Node.js Client Library is available via npm. Run the following to install the library:

npm install aerospike

You can also add it as a dependency to your project:

npm install aerospike --save-dev

The source code is available on GitHub

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Have a look at sample code and apps written using various Aerospike Client APIs in conjunction with other open source technologies and learn how to leverage Aerospike's technology in your own applications.

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Aerospike's Spark connector allows InputFormat and OutputFormat usage, so you can use Spark's faster framework for running analytics. Aerospike's Hadoop connector allows you to pull data directly from Hadoop clusters in order to analyze or check any form of unstructured data.

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Developer training includes architecture overview, data modeling, and overview of Aerospike Client APIs. Hands-on labs walk developers through quick installs and writing code, using key-value operations, UDFs, queries and aggregations. Administration training covers installation, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

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