Special Startups


Aerospike was founded to empower startups with big dreams, startups using big data and startups building applications for big audiences. We open sourced the technology this summer to bring next gen NoSQL database technology to every developer.

The “Startup Special” gives developers free access to the enterprise version of Aerospike software, which includes certified and tested binaries and advanced features like cross data center replication (XDR). Startups that qualify now use an enterprise grade next gen database to build new businesses based on global scale cloud apps that can never be down.

Aerospike may not have been written in AppNexus’ offices, but it was certainly debugged there and the first startup to use Aerospike as a user profile store recently became the first ad:tech company in New York City to get a billion dollar valuation. AppNexus processes over 30 billion ad impressions per day and is profitable partly because it was able to take advantage of Aerospike’s disruptive price/performance. Applovin, another startup that uses Aerospike, grew twenty times in the last year and was able to efficiently scale it’s business with Aerospike while at the same time, reducing server count.

Aerospike was once considered the “secret weapon” in real-time bidding because it enabled companies to not just bid and win auctions from competitors, but also generate the most click throughs and revenue.

Excalibur, an internet security startup in stealth mode, is re-imagining authentication, enabling people to simply use their cell phone as a universal security token that is safe, even if your phone gets lost, your laptop is infected or Excalibur servers are hacked. Credentials are distributed across the phone and the cloud, so Excalibur uses Aerospike for real-time access and verification of credentials. According to CEO Ivan Klimek, Aerospike going open source made the difference because “we need to trust what we are using so that users can trust us” and “on top of all that, client libraries enable easy integration so that we can focus on what we do best and let Aerospike do all the DB magic.”

George Cooper of eGloo is launching the first information exchange with true network level intelligence, where anyone can buy, sell, search and take advantage of aggregated data on the open market. Aerospike’s speed and scale is allowing him to build “tomorrow’s Internet-scale, knowledge-based systems”, with confidence, today.

Vertical Media Studio builds high performance and responsive web and native apps and the company is constantly working to make things faster, simpler and more secure.  According to Creative Director Alex Tarasiuk, “we understand that technology is a means to an end, and not an end in and of itself. Whether it’s a new scripting language or a new way of storing data, we’re going to use it. That’s why we’re excited to work with Aerospike, to make data storage and collection as efficient as possible.” For their school management SaaS platform, Vertical Media Studio is using Aerospike for fast access to user profiles.

Srinivasan Seshadri is a serial entrepreneur and his new startup Zetatta, is connecting people to products with a Search as a Service platform that is revolutionizing e-commerce search. He is using Aerospike for real-time access to user behavior on an e-commerce site and real-time access to a knowledge graph, built from intent and context data gathered from across the Internet.

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