Curse Voice Powered by Aerospike Scales to Over 1M Users


Curse Voice Replaces Cassandra with Aerospike to Scale to Meet Exploding Customer Demand

Curse Voice is a cutting-edge voice communications solution designed specifically for gamers, bringing together users’ favorite games, friends and teammates with Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) calls, friends lists and instant messaging. Curse Voice has over 2 million installs and over a million monthly active users that have sent millions of messages through the application. Knowing that rapid communication is imperative for devoted gamers, Curse Voice switched from the Apache Cassandra database to Aerospike. With Cassandra, they found it was difficult to scale when they went into alpha deploy, resulting in slow clustering and lowered response times in production.

“At first we tried Apache Cassandra but found it couldn’t scale to support the speed that is the essence of our business,” said Michael Comperda, CTO, Curse Inc. “We looked at other NoSQL databases and ultimately settled on Aerospike because it is an order of magnitude faster and will enable us to reliably scale from over one million active users to over 10 million monthly active users by next December.”

Three Aerospike clusters, which each have two Aerospike server nodes on Amazon Web Services (AWS) r3.2xlarge instances with local SSDs, replicate data using Aerospike Cross Data Center Replication (XDR) across three regions (North America, Europe and Asia).

“Curse Voice is taking the gaming experience to the next level,” said Srini V. Srinivasan, co-founder and VP of engineering and operations, Aerospike. “We are delighted by Curse Voice’s success in using Aerospike to deliver new friends lists and instant messaging capabilities, while rapidly scaling its innovative voice communications application within some of the most demanding multi-player gaming environments.”

About Curse

Founded in 2006, Curse Inc. is an online media and technology company focused on gaming. Reaching more than 50 million unique visitors worldwide and more than one billion page views per month according to ComScore data, Curse is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing gaming information companies. Curse empowers gamers with premium tools, resources and content resulting in an enriched, authentic, and more enjoyable gaming experience. Worldwide, gamers depend onCurse for the tools and expertise they need to take their gaming to the next level. Curse Inc. is headquartered in Huntsville, AL.

About Curse Voice

Curse Voice is a proprietary, free-to-use, voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) software created by Curse, Inc. Curse Voice uses world-class technology to bring players together with their favorite games, friends, and teammates. The software is completely free, easy to use, and brings a unique spin and extra layer of security to gaming communications.