Brian Bulkowski
Founder and Advisor

Brian is a founder of Aerospike, networking whiz, innovator and high performance expert. ‘My family has a long and varied history in science and tech, so I wound up programming in the ’80s, and creating real world products in high school. Computers are an easy way to start creating – what we now call “maker culture”. My first taste of networking was in mid ’80s using the PLATO network, I knew there was a whole world out there waiting – I’ve enthusiastically supported the Internet and its scale through my entire career.’

Brian became a Lead Engineer at Novell, and then Chief Architect of Cable Solutions at Liberate – where he built a high-performance, embedded networking stack, as well as the high scale broadcast server infrastructure. As Director of Performance at Aggregate Knowledge, Brian had direct experience with the scaling limitations of sharded MySQL systems. ‘It wasn’t hard to see that there was a huge need for a new distributed database, because businesses were failing using poorly maintained MySQL systems. That led to the idea for Citrusleaf – which then became Aerospike.’

As Founder and Advisor, Brian continues to help Aerospike think through industry, hardware optimizations, and emerging uses cases.

   Our initial customers chose us – even though they knew all about the other options. Naturally, they were looking to find the flaws in our product, so they said ‘What about this, and what about that?’ Finally, when they understood that we had all the bases covered they said, ‘Ok, let’s try it.’ Later on they told us that it really does what we said it would. In other words, it works.

Brian Bulkowski