Aerospike REST Client

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Earlier, in March, Aerospike launched its REST Client in conjunction with the Aerospike Connect product portfolio to help developing applications and to make it easier to integrate the Aerospike Database into enterprise infrastructure systems.

Intel and Aerospike

Aerospike Performance on Intel Optane Persistent Memory

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and Advisor Blog, Technology

Aerospike recently became the first open database to support Intel Optane persistent memory. Intel persistent memory provides a massive improvement in scale, with easy to configure Aerospike nodes surpassing 100TB each in size.

Aerospike Connect

Announcing Aerospike Connect: Add-on Integrations for Spark and Kafka

Srini Srinivasan, Founder and Chief Product Officer Blog, Technology

Aerospike is pleased to announce the availability of Aerospike Connect for Kafka, Aerospike Connect for Spark and the Aerospike REST Client. The Aerospike Connect product and the REST client eliminate the need for custom coding to integrate the Aerospike database with other enterprise systems and dramatically reduce support, maintenance and server costs. Aerospike is widely …

Hungry AI

Hungry AI

Matt Bushell, Director of Product Marketing Blog, Technology, Business

In a world where business transactions are done less and less with cash and increasingly as digital payments, reducing fraud is paramount. Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike’s Founder and Member of the Advisor Team, shares his thoughts on using machine learning to transform payments in this article, posted to Medium on February 21. The payments market is …


Aerospike 4.5: Persistent Memory and Compression

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Blog, Technology, Product Update

Aerospike is pleased to announce the availability of our 4.5 release. Aerospike Enterprise Edition 4.5 is the first commercially available open database supporting new Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory , based on Intel® 3D XPoint™, a new class of storage technology architected specifically for data-intensive applications that require extremely low-latency, high durability, and strong data …


Aerospike 4.4: Change Notification and Operational Improvements

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Blog, Technology, Product Update

Aerospike is pleased to announce the availability of our 4.4 release. The 4.4 release contains a number of operational improvements, and the major feature of Change Notification. Existing deployments should carefully read the operational improvements (listed below) – implementing them may save millions of dollars and result in vastly improved latency and reliability. Aerospike’s Change …

Amazon Effect

Retail/eCommerce Data Architectures Driven by the Amazon Effect

Bharath Yadla, Vice President Product Strategy, Ecosystems for Aerospike Blog, Technology, Business

Amazon has been dominating with its scale of operations into every industry sector that it has been getting into. We call that “Amazonian effect” – these Amazonian effects have been brutal not just on brick-and-mortar retailers but also on online businesses as well.