Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances: Helping Digital Data Architectures?

Bharath Yadla, Vice President Product Strategy, Ecosystems for Aerospike Blog, Technology, Business

However, when one considers the Amazon application requirements, one needs to think about location of your data, your costs, and the restart experience and associated infrastructure.  Overall, Amazon is increasing the awareness in this space, echoing where Aerospike has been playing these past several years.

Aerospike 4.2: Storage Efficiency and Speed Improvements

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Blog, Technology, Product Update

Aerospike is pleased to announce the availability of our 4.2 release. Close on the heels of our 4.0 release providing consistency, and our 4.1 release with a number of enterprise security and performance features, we have released our 4.2 release with further enhancements. The theme of these changes is improvements of efficiency and speed. We …

Aerospike 4.1

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Blog, Technology

Aerospike is pleased to announce the availability of our 4.1 release. After the major 4.0 release introducing consistency, this release has a backlog of interesting enhancements, beyond a number of minor bug fixes. As always, we continue to push forward reliability and performance, as well as enterprise-oriented features. LDAP external authentication. Aerospike has a classic …

Aerospike Database

Aerospike 4.0, Strong Consistency, and Jepsen

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Blog, Technology, Product Update

“In hundreds of tests of SC mode through network partitions, and higher versions have not shown any sign of nonlinearizable histories, lost increments to counters, or lost updates to sets.” – Kyle Kingsbury, Aerospike, 12-27-2017 We believe Jepsen has validated our core claims: within reasonable operational constraints, Aerospike does not lose data, nor …

Aerospike accelerates: Strong Consistency with High Performance in Aerospike 4.0

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Blog, Technology, Product Update

We are pleased to announce general availability of Aerospike 4.0, which includes strong consistency. Aerospike 4.0’s Strong Consistency technology is a revolutionary leap forward for high fidelity data uses. In cases where an application’s reliability requirements might demand PostGres, MySQL or Oracle primary key correctness, Aerospike 4.0 can now be used, with dramatically lower latency …

Meltdown / Spectre and Aerospike

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Blog, Technology

Executive Summary The Meltdown and Spectre CPU bugs require OS and cloud hypervisor patches to provide data security. These patches, while necessary, come at a performance cost.  In general, we have seen few impacts across the Aerospike customer base due to our remarkably low CPU and system call use. This blog will help you monitor, …

How Aerospike is Redefining Fast by using Intel Architecture – Intel® Chip Chat Podcast

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Intel® Chip Chat is a recurring podcast series of informal, one-on-one interviews, and last week, its host, Allyson Klein, interviewed Aerospike Head of Product and Solutions Marketing, Satish Iyer about how Aerospike is “Redefining Fast” within the database space for Systems of Engagement by using Intel Architecture. Despite the podcast being only 10 minutes in …

The 7 Year Itch: How Aerospike decided to transform the database status-quo (Part 2 of 2)

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    As we  mentioned in the first part [0] of this blog, Aerospike 4.0 read/write operations on a single record can be made strictly linearizable [3] (preserving sequential read/write accesses to a record in multiple concurrent execution threads across the entire system) or be made session consistent (also called sequential consistency) [4] (preserving sequential read/write …

Aerospike takes a major step to transform the Enterprise SoE

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    Data Resides at the Core of Digital Transformation Enterprises are transforming to stay competitive and relevant in the digital age. The vitality of customer experience and deeper engagement necessitates the Enterprises to embrace digital technology to drive better insights, intelligence and interactions with their customers. As Enterprises drive business model transitions in the …