AI Innovation in Digital Banking

AI Innovation in Digital Banking

Aerospike Marketing Blog, Technology, Business

It’s no secret that in today’s data tsunami, every C-Suite executive (and those that support them) has to have a point of view on how to not just protect, but utilize their customers’ data.

Aerospike Cloud Managed Services

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service

Tom Meese, Vice President, Cloud Services Blog, Technology, Business

The promise of the cloud is access to resources that enable agility in the face of a changing world. I can get the resources I need when I need them without massive upfront commitments.

Q&A: Evaluating NoSQL Solutions for a Real-time System of Record

Q&A: Evaluating NoSQL Solutions for a Real-time System of Record

Noel Yuhanna, VP, Principal Analyst serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals - Forrester Blog, Business

Business stakeholders are demanding real-time data faster to keep up with customers, competitors, and partners. Enterprises often cite support for real-time as a top data management and analytics requirement, especially as users increasingly adopt modern business apps and streaming insights solutions.

Commitment to our Business Community

Aerospike’s Commitment to Business Continuity

John Dillon, Chief Executive Officer, Aerospike Blog, Business

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to disrupt our work, families and our communities, I want to update you on Aerospike’s business continuity practices and what we are doing to support employees, customers and our greater community around the world.

CCPA for AdTech

CCPA and Advertising Compliance

Matt Bushell, Director of Product Marketing Blog, Business

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) became law on Jan. 1, 2020, and ad tech companies are among those businesses that must inform consumers of any personal data being collected and then give those consumers the option to have it deleted.


History, Background and FAQs for DevOps Tools and Models

George Csaba, Director of Technical Product Marketing Blog, Business

While DevOps can make an organization more competitive, simply implementing it without doing the homework may result in less-than-desirable results. In order to make the most of what it has to offer, it’s important to understand all the DevOps facets.

A Digital Wallet Primer

A Digital Wallet Primer

Matt Bushell, Director of Product Marketing Blog, Business

When data is collected it can be sent across long routes to data centers or clouds. But with edge computing, that data is collected and analyzed closer to the “edge” of the network. That means that organizations can analyze data in near real-time, which is often critical for many industries such as healthcare, telecommunications or finance.