451 Research: 2019 Trends in Customer Experience and Commerce

Customer 360 is not a Luxury, but a Necessity for Survival

Sheryl Kingstone Blog, Business

For decades, businesses have sought a comprehensive picture of customer activity and behavior, but have been thwarted by data that remains siloed or unanalyzed. Finally, processes for getting a reliable and complete view of what customers want (and how they want to be contacted) are taking shape. Tools that synthesize different data sources across enterprises …

Aerospike Summit '19

How Our Trailblazing Customers Innovate at Scale

John Dillon, Chief Executive Officer, Aerospike Blog, Business

One of my north star quotes that guides our mission here is from Jacques Bughin and Nicolas van Zeebroeck. In MIT Sloan Review, they declare: “Companies that adopt bold strategies in the face of industry digitization improve their odds of coming out winners.” Last week, at Aerospike Summit, we didn’t just see “bold” strategies from …

Trends in Online Gaming and Gambling

Trends in Online Gaming and Gambling

Matt Bushell, Director of Product Marketing Blog, Business

Both online gaming and online gambling are rapidly changing as new technologies and providers vie to attract customers and develop brand loyalty. The proliferation of handheld devices and smartphones means that more consumers can easily access games and gambling sites, but it also means that providers must be able to scale quickly to meet such …

Hungry AI

Hungry AI

Matt Bushell, Director of Product Marketing Blog, Technology, Business

In a world where business transactions are done less and less with cash and increasingly as digital payments, reducing fraud is paramount. Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike’s Founder and Member of the Advisor Team, shares his thoughts on using machine learning to transform payments in this article, posted to Medium on February 21. The payments market is …


Aerospike’s Banner Year of Innovation, Adoption and Growth

John Dillon, Chief Executive Officer, Aerospike Blog, Business

2018 was Aerospike’s best year ever. One of those slingshot years, where you look back and say, that was one of the catalyst moments where our years of hard work took us beyond startup to market scale.  Our success is the culmination of a multiyear strategy that pushed the boundaries of database performance and reliability …

Digital Transformation: Think Big. Start Small.

Bill Odell, Aerospike Chief Marketing Officer Blog, Business

Succeeding with digital transformation is a challenge for companies of all sizes. John Dillon, Aerospike’s CEO, has shared his own point of view on the topics in this article, posted January 29 on Medium. The problem is that onboarding new technology is a challenge – even for the most adept organizations. Not surprisingly, barely a …

BI In The Blink of An Eye: What Real-Time Decisioning Means For Companies Today

BI in the Blink of an Eye

Bill Odell, Aerospike Chief Marketing Officer Blog, Business

In his article posted January 9 on Medium, John Dillon, Aerospike’s CEO, shared his thoughts on real-time decisioning and what it means for companies today.

Amazon Effect

Retail/eCommerce Data Architectures Driven by the Amazon Effect

Bharath Yadla, Vice President Product Strategy, Ecosystems for Aerospike Blog, Technology, Business

Amazon has been dominating with its scale of operations into every industry sector that it has been getting into. We call that “Amazonian effect” – these Amazonian effects have been brutal not just on brick-and-mortar retailers but also on online businesses as well.