Aerospike’s Banner Year of Innovation, Adoption and Growth

John Dillon, Chief Executive Officer, Aerospike Blog, Business

2018 was Aerospike’s best year ever. One of those slingshot years, where you look back and say, that was one of the catalyst moments where our years of hard work took us beyond startup to market scale.  Our success is the culmination of a multiyear strategy that pushed the boundaries of database performance and reliability …

How to Eat an Elephant

Bill Odell, Aerospike Chief Marketing Officer Blog, Business

Succeeding with digital transformation is a challenge for companies of all sizes. John Dillon, Aerospike’s CEO, has shared his own point of view on the topics in this article, posted January 29 on Medium. The problem is that onboarding new technology is a challenge – even for the most adept organizations. Not surprisingly, barely a …

BI In The Blink of An Eye: What Real-Time Decisioning Means For Companies Today

BI in the Blink of an Eye

Bill Odell, Aerospike Chief Marketing Officer Blog, Business

In his article posted January 9 on Medium, John Dillon, Aerospike’s CEO, shared his thoughts on real-time decisioning and what it means for companies today.

Amazon Effect

Retail/eCommerce Data Architectures Driven by the Amazon Effect

Bharath Yadla, Vice President Product Strategy, Ecosystems for Aerospike Blog, Technology, Business

Amazon has been dominating with its scale of operations into every industry sector that it has been getting into. We call that “Amazonian effect” – these Amazonian effects have been brutal not just on brick-and-mortar retailers but also on online businesses as well.

Trends in Ecommerce

Trends in Ecommerce: Machine Learning Fueling Growth?

Matt Bushell, Director of Product Marketing Blog, Technology, Business

While Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette says that his company’s ecommerce efforts require the same creativity and inspiration as given to Macy’s flagship store in New York City, they also require a much bigger commitment to something that could make or break the retailer’s future success: technology.

Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances: Helping Digital Data Architectures?

Bharath Yadla, Vice President Product Strategy, Ecosystems for Aerospike Blog, Technology, Business

However, when one considers the Amazon application requirements, one needs to think about location of your data, your costs, and the restart experience and associated infrastructure.  Overall, Amazon is increasing the awareness in this space, echoing where Aerospike has been playing these past several years.

Aerospike in the IBM Cloud

Aerospike in the IBM Cloud

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Blog, Business

Aerospike is an unusual database. It’s fast, it takes less CPU and DRAM, and it pushes storage harder. That’s how it achieves multi-million transaction per second per server rates, with sub-millisecond access times. This speed makes Aerospike the database of choice for fraud detection, machine learning-based behavioral recommendations, advertising optimization, and a host of other …

AdTech and MarTech Convergence: How Data is Transforming the Customer Journey

Adtech and Martech Convergence – How Data is Transforming the Customer Journey

Aerospike Marketing Blog, Business, Adtech Martech

  Technology is constantly changing and the pace seems to be increasing – transformational change seems to occur more rapidly than ever. Not too long ago, advertisers and marketers invested thousands and thousands of dollars for what was essentially a shot in the dark. They hoped their material would find the right audience and ultimately …

GDPR and its Impacts on Data Strategy

GDPR and Its Impact on Data Strategy

Aerospike Marketing Blog, Business, Adtech Martech, Financial Services, Telecommunications

Digitization comes at a cost. Each of us now leaves a trail of digital exhaust, an infinite stream of phone records, texts, browser histories, preferences, buying patterns, location, and other information that will live on forever. Oceans of information. Every time someone views a webpage, checks out at the supermarket, receives a home electricity meter report, gets a package …